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Mar 16, 2013 11:20 AM

Request to Engineering: linking to specific post on mobile platform

For the next site update/refresh, can you add an ability to link to a specific subthread within a thread on the mobile platform?

Right, only the desktop UI allows for this (as far as I can tell with the "link" function).

It would be nice for the mobile UI as well.


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  1. I would very much like this feature as well. When we brought it up re: iPhone, we were told that sharing is already available via OS and I got no reply when I asked if this is so, how is it done. Here,

    1. The greater question is why this functionality was removed to begin with. It was there before.

      I wish Chowhound would adopt my philosophy for mobile sites:

      Most importantly....
      1) LESS CLICKS/TAPS IS ALWAYS BETTER. If something takes 3 clicks to accomplish, find a way make it 2 or 1. And *NEVER* make something that took 1 click suddenly require 2.

      Moving the user profile post link from the upper right corner into that upper left "toolbox" drawer is a prime example of this-- not just because you've made a 1-click function now take 2, but the replacement for the upper right user profile link is the "my" categories button, which *sounds* like it will take you to "my posts", but instead takes you to a page of predetermined category pages, ostensibly the ones you use the most. Seems reasonable, until you realize that this functionality already existed under the ORIGINAL design, BECAUSE THE USER WAS ALREADY POSTING IN HIS FAVORITE CATEGORIES!! Now, the actual user posts/replies are hidden away in the two-click toolbox drawer, making "my categories" a minimally useful button, which replaced an incredibly useful one.


      So, functionality diminished, made less intuitive, more clicks added. The whole thing is not very smart. I can't imagine anyone who actually uses Chowhound's mobile site regularly would have thought this was a good idea.

      2) Match functionality with the desktop (full) site, but don't do this blindly.

      Prime example: on desktop site, hovering your mouse makes the "recommend" panel appears with an easy glide. Tapping around blindly trying to find invisible functionality is not (Bravo for having fixed this by making the "flag" and "reply" permanent fixtures on the mobile site). However, not sure why you've have removed the functionality to easily mail and generate permalink URLs for specific posts. Why the loss of functionality?

      3) Formatting for small screens so one can read easily by simply scrolling up and down (since the jumbo-sized text problem was fixed, the mobile site works pretty well now)

      Those are the Big 3. Chow engineering, in future site redesigns, making these your mantra (minimize clicks, smartly match desktop functionality, smart formatting for small screens) will make you loved by thousands of Chowhound.

      Mr Taster

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      1. re: Mr Taster

        By the way, I'm seeing the "toolbox" icon appear on more and more sites these days. My guess is that Chowhound took the idea from Facebook-- but since I don't use Facebook, it was not an intuitive transition for me.

        Mr Taster