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Mar 16, 2013 11:00 AM

Kneaded Bread, Port Chester

Finding myself unusually in Port Chester this morning, I thought I'd check out Kneaded Bread, which I'd read about here.

The line was almost out the door when I got there, but I could see there were three people helping customers, so the wait wasn't long at all.

All the different types of bread, rolls and pastries were on display with labels and descriptions, making the waiting time a productive one for this newcomer. I changed my mind a few times while waiting and finally pulled out my phone to make a list of everything I wanted.

The man in front of me appeared to only order a coffee, so I asked him if he'd waited that long just for the coffee (hey, maybe I was missing something important!). He said not at all, the coffee was fine but not that exceptional (with a laugh); he said he was there for the hot crossed buns, which are only available during Lent (he actually suggested I probably knew that already, but this was news to me, someone who has never eaten a hot crossed bun and wouldn't have even noticed them without this conversation).

Among the breads I chose was the Multigrain pullman, which is a sandwich loaf as opposed to the other option for that type of bread, a boule shape. I asked to have it sliced and was told there is a self-service slicer. Intimidating to me, but the woman behind me assured me that there were instructions and also she was going to use it too.

I also got a Pecan Cranberry loaf, a Pain Seigle, some rolls with sunflowers on the outside, almond croissants, chocolate croissants, and some hot crossed buns. Yes I'm sharing them.

Thank goodness the woman behind me in the line rescued me in mid loaf slicing, since I had missed the idea of how to have the plastic bag set up to put around the sliced loaf--and also that it's important to "catch" the sliced loaf right when it comes through. That said, the slightly thin slices were perfect for the chicken sandwich I just finished eating. This is the kind of bread that's so hard to find--chewy and robust texture with a great crust, an enjoyable part of a meal rather than just a carbohydrate to hold the filling together.

I also ate an almond croissant, which was great--on a par with the ones at Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville, which is high praise. Looking forward to trying the rest. Might have to freeze at least one of the other loaves of bread if we don't get to them quickly.

On a non-food note, I'd like to thank the really nice man from Redi Cut carpet who stopped his van and came out to help me when he saw struggling to stand up after a fall on a side street on my way to the bakery. I was a bit dazed and scraped up, alone and far from home. He even offered to drive me the two blocks to Kneaded Bread (and showed me his Redi Cut shirt and explained that he worked a couple blocks away, in case I was only turning him down because I was wary of help from a stranger). Thankfully, I was okay.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I really can't believe a place with such great bread would put it in plastic, which totally ruins the texture of the crust. I wonder what happened to wax bags.........

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    1. re: wincountrygirl

      To clarify: all the breads are put into paper bags. But if you choose to slice the bread, for your convenience next to the slicer there are thin plastic bags (with twist ties) for the sliced bread. You're certainly welcome to put the sliced bread back into the paper bags, but I think they'd get stale really fast--and the individual slices would get all messed up.

      1. re: Elisa515

        Thanks! I guess you can tell that is a pet peeve of mine. Even in Panera, they have a really good sourdough with a great crust which they proceeded to put into a plastic bag. I did stop them, but that would be bye bye crust!!

    2. Ouch...glad your okay
      Next time you are there don't leave without a provolone bread and a ring ding!!!

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      1. re: chowdom

        Ring ding like the chocolate cream filled things we grew up with? Or something else?

        I did eye the provolone bread. As it is, I know I bought way too much. But I'm definitely going back, now that I know where it is.

        And thanks for the sympathy. I'm still a bit sore but grateful I didn't have to put off the shopping. I also called Redi Cut to thank the man who helped.

        1. re: Elisa515

          Awesome that you took the time to call :)

          Ring ding like the chocolate cream filled things we grew up with, only a whole lot better. Ask for them if they are not in the case often they have them in the back. The little onion rolls are really good too. For focaccia, olive bread and brioche go across the street to Tarry Market. Also the multi grain you had comes in dinner roll form as well.

      2. Next time try the provolone bread, the onion rolls, and the brioche rolls (jelly, chocolate and raisin).

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        1. re: LizGW

          The onion rolls and brioche rolls are favorites of ours, along with the lemon poppy muffin (really, any muffin), their doughnuts (available only on weekends) and I'm a sucker for their mixed berry scone. Oh and they make the best hot chocolate in the area. We love Kneaded Bread in our house but end up there more for a morning treat and coffee than for bread purchases.

        2. Nice review. I haven't been there in a while but I seem to recall getting a delicious loaf for french toast (chocolate something?), and the ring dings. Glad you were ok after your spill! All the goodies must have helped too. :)

          1. I've been consistently underwhelmed and have yet to see what's so fabulous about this place, but if people enjoy- rock on.

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            1. re: MRS

              Next door, at Tarry Market, I had an awesome fougasse. Try that if you're in the nabe.