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Mar 16, 2013 10:53 AM

Offbeat menu items at Winsor Dum Sum?

I'm dining there next weekend with the adventurous Cousins Swank, and I'm anxious to stray from my standards (shrimp noodle, pork bun, clams with black bean sauce). I'm a huge fan of organ meats in spicy sauce, anything fiery, and big enough to take home are all pluses!

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  1. It's not so offbeat, but the stir-fried turnip cake in X0 sauce (stirfired with scallions and lots of beansprouts) is yummy.

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    1. re: femmevox

      @Femmevox, I agree that that's not so offbeat, though it's not only my favorite dish there but one of my faves in the city.

      1. They have a beef stomach dish that is decent. I didn't think it was anything to write home about, but you may like it if you're looking for offal in particular.

        1. Cantonese cuisine isn't really about spicy sauce or fiery anything, with the exception of the Southern Chinese chili sauces and chili oils that are usually available as a condiment for your food.

          1. they're not spicy but you might like the chicken feet in black bean sauce, tripe with ginger and scallions, beef stomach szechuan style (sic), and white turnip with beef entrails

            1. My favorites are the pan fried sticky rice patty with egg, the pan fried fish cake, and the chicken feet in black bean sauce. The crispy fried beancurd sheet rolls are worth trying, as are the steamed ones. But I've enjoyed pretty much everything I've had there. I have no idea why it isn't more popular, especially on weekday evenings.

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                I second the pan fried sticky rice patty. It's the sticky rice you usually see served in the upside down glass bowl, shaped into a bite sized patty, pan fried crunchy, then wrapped in a thin egg omelet. It's my favorite thing at Winsor.

                1. re: Fukui San

                  long ago a few places in Ctown had a dish they called Silver Noodle, which was served under a clear bowl. It was rice flour noodles handrolled like short 2" pencils w/ pointed ends. mixed w/ egg and shrimp, scallons, beansprouts etc. But you are not talking about that, right? you are talking about sticky RICE, yes? just checking; thx.

                  1. re: Fukui San

                    I've never seen food served *under* glass bowls, neither rice nor noodles!

                    1. re: KWagle

                      Ha - I'm sure you've guessed it's just an inverted rice bowl to keep the bowl shape for presentation. During dim sum, they do this quite a bit for the nuo mi fan (stir fried glutinous rice) and silver pin noodle dishes.

                      1. re: kobuta

                        Ah, food cooked or shaped in glass bowls. I've never seen the shaping bowls make it to the table, but I also rarely get dim sum from carts.

                    2. re: Fukui San

                      wanted to thank you for mentioning this. we got take out there today and we ordered this after your rec (had never seen or read about it before.) We both really liked it. I would describe it as the same ingred as a lotus leaf filling: sticky rice patties sandwiched around a filling of pork, shrimp and sausage bits, sauteed to crisp and then wrapped in a thin egg sheet. yumola! thx again.