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Mar 16, 2013 10:30 AM

Volunteers for Cheese (Plate) of the Month Coordinator (April to September 2013)

Sign up here for be the coordinator of the month for the cheese (plate) of the month discussion. Reply by stating which month from April to September you'll take on these duties, first come, first served. The coordinator will select the cheese or cheeses from the communal list for this time period as posted here,
and kick off the discussion at the start of the month. This need not be the absolute most popular selection from the list. And the inevitable "other duties as assigned" may come up.

Concerned that more cheese knowledge is required than you have? Not to worry. This is an administrative task and any one who posts here is qualified.

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  1. Veggo volunteers for May.

    1. I'll volunteer for June. But..someone still needs to step up to the plate for April????

      First come, first serve, your choice of cheese. I'd like to know what administrative tasks are involved other than starting the monthly thread?

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      1. re: Phoebe

        Thank you, Phoebe (and Veggo too). Yes, we still need someone for April.

        Beats me, I thought there'd be a land office grab to volunteer for a month and have the privilege of choosing one's own cheese(s) interests for discussion. Really, the only responsibility is to pick one or more cheeses to talk about that month and start the thread. The job title, "coordinator", is much too lofty for what's entailed and shouldn't scare folks off. I jokingly put in other duties as assigned because it's a stock phrase in every job description. :) We just have to wait and see how this evolves. I'll just say that I can't think of anything scary that's required. But given the hurt feelings that seem to abound in getting to this point, wanting to lay low is understandable. I'd like to check out of here myself but I hope we can put those bumps in the road behind us.

        I suppose one could offer up some explanation of why a particular choice for the month from among those nominated. Maybe the cheese was selected because you've never tasted it before and want to learn about it in depth. Or could be that it started with the letter "A" and you're exploring the world of cheese in alphabetical order. Perhaps a dart board selection . . . close your eyes and pick one randomly. Or it sparked the most interesting comments or "recommendations" in the nomination thread.

      2. Hi, Melanie, and everyone. I'm going to repost something I just posted in the thread titled Cheese of the Month (Week, Etc.) :

        I'd rather wait until at least May to play Cheese Host of the Month, mainly because I've never seen a ChOTM thread.

        When I do, it would likely be one or more triple-cremes, such as St. Andre (my favorite eating cheese), Pierre Robert (which I haven't even tried yet, but I saw at WF), St. Angel, maybe Explorateur. Maybe even Brie.

        I don't drink, so wine recommendations would have to come from someone else (though I remember liking whites, including some fruity ones, like Gewurtztraminer).

        I would do this any month, really.

        My favorite cheese of all is Parmigiano-Reggiano (see my avatar), and I would be happy to talk about that, too. Though these days, I mainly use it in cooking, as eating too much of it gives me headaches.

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        1. re: Jay F

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts, JayF.

          I see you've found the March 2013 Cheese of the Month thread for Taleggio now,

          Please do add your ideas for candidates for ChOTM to the nomination thread,

          Maybe someone will pick one of your suggestions as their own. Would you like to sign up for July?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Yes. I will sign up for July. That'll give me time to see whether I like fromage Pierre Robert and others.

            1. re: Jay F

              I'll sign up for August and Jay F I'm posting my reply attached to yours so it falls directly under your volunteer spot for July.


        2. I am happy to take April. We are "unplugging" and leaving town for a week starting March 29th, so I will start the new thread that morning then will be radio silent for a while. I hope that is cool - it will give us all a couple extra days to pick up our new cheese!

          I have very little cheese knowledge, but will post some links I find helpful....I know the experts will take it from there!

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          1. re: EmBrooks

            No offence intended, but you are going to start this new initiative but not be able to monitor it during the infancy? I think anyone could do that.

            1. re: Fowler

              I am not sure what you are asking? Based on the March boards a cheese was chosen, some people complained (but in the end tried something new), some people jumped on board and by the end of it several people had tried a new cheese and some learned more about a cheese they already knew and loved.

              I volunteered because no one else did and I enjoyed the March COTM and wanted to see it continue with a minimum of hand wringing - if you would like to take April, I am happy to let you have it.

              1. re: EmBrooks

                Em, just run with it. I'll take the baton in May. Thanks for volunteering!

                1. re: EmBrooks

                  I once again will mention that I intend no offence at all but thought you were going to be starting the thread but then right away leaving town for a week and being "radio silent" or in other words not communicating for a while?

                  1. re: Fowler

                    I'll pick up the slack. 3 weeks outa 4 ain't bad, better than Meatloaf's 2 outa 3, by 8.3%.

                    1. re: Veggo

                      Bless you, my son. I'd volunteer if I had a clue how to do it. (My computer skills sync to about 1990.)

                      1. re: pikawicca

                        pikawicca, take September! Then the next six months are good to go and we can call this part of the process over and out!

                        1. re: HillJ

                          So, you are willing to hold my hand every step of the way? If so, I'll do it.

                          1. re: pikawicca

                            You know I will :-) and I'll expect you to provide the same in August.

                      2. re: Veggo

                        Just remind me again (this time with feeling, V!) now that I've volunteered for August I only need to select from the list of nominations left by August, correct a mundo?

                        1. re: HillJ

                          Dealers' choice. Consider nominations, general availability, utilization, cost, maybe wine pairings, as an ingredient, mystique, interesting history, seasonality, make most of us more informed and interested, deliciousness. Laughing Cow doesn't qualify..:)

                          1. re: Veggo

                            Okay, in other words no pressure :)

                            plenty of time to think about it...and keeping this FUN!

                            1. re: Veggo

                              Well Hell's bells!

                              Here I was, screwing my courage to the sticking place...dreamily fantasizing about doing a month, introducing everyone to the delights of Laughing Cow paired with an amusing white Zin on the rocks! :-D

                              I'm really pleased with the decisions thus far. Can't wait, guys. Thanks to those who stepped up.

                            2. re: HillJ

                              Open call for an August volunteer, I won't be available.

                            3. re: Veggo


                              Well, if you cannot be serious about this monumental subject, I guess I cannot either. :-)

                              1. re: Fowler

                                Yeah Fowler don't spoil this precious moment with a serious question!!! I'm going to have to up my workouts to justify all this cheese indulgence.

                                1. re: Fowler

                                  We are not acquainted, but I assure you I seriously want to see this board succeed. Cheese is fascinating, global, and there are very experienced minds here who contribute their knowledge pro bono for the love of it.

                                2. re: Veggo

                                  Thanks Veggo. Hopefully it won't be too much extra work since (my understanding of) the roll is that it is to kick off the topic, not moderation. You have already done a lot to get this off the ground. I just want to eat cheese!

                                  1. re: EmBrooks

                                    Me too, EmBrooks! I am so elated by my experience with Taleggio that I cannot wait for April!

                          2. re: EmBrooks

                            And I'm happy that you've signed on for April! So cool, it's hot. The job really is that simple: pick a cheese or two from the list and start a new topic. Anything more is entirely up to you. And yes, if you don't have the info yourself, you can quote from other sources and include links. Doing that kind of research is the best way to learn.

                            I'll add a few general comments shortly. Enjoy your spring break and again, thank you!

                          3. I've completely given up on the "Cheese Forum".

                            You folks have taken a good idea & turned it into a cornucopia of confusion & overworked discussions on nothing. And this is just for getting things started. This isn't the U.N. - thank God.

                            Have fun guys.

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                            1. re: Bacardi1

                              Actually, if the folks here ran the UN it would be less corrupt and more effective...IMHO

                              1. re: Bacardi1

                                Awww, sorry you feel that way. I think it is pretty typical to fumble around a bit when setting up something new. I hope you will give the cheese forum another try in a month or two. There are obviously a lot of knowledgeable people here as well as eager-to-learn types (like myself, who may not contribute much initially).

                                I have already found that this forum has enriched my cheese-eating experience and am very thankful for that.

                                In fact, I am off to brave Costco on a Saturday (something I rarely do!) because I want to check out the blues in the cheese section.