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Mar 16, 2013 10:06 AM

Favorite Hang-out Spots

What is your go-to place to just chill? Maybe look at a laptop or read a book for a couple of hours and not be pressured to leave as soon as your are finished? A relatively quiet place with comfortable seating, lighting and decor (please omit places with TVs or loud music.) A place where the staff and other patrons aren't pretentious or obnoxious - a place that has just a really great vibe? Oh, and it wouldn't hurt if the food and beverages were OK, too.

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  1. Shish
    Foxy Falafel
    Swede Hollow Cafe
    Cafe Latte (upstairs near the coffee maker)

    1. Angry Catfish Bike and Coffee.

      1. I like the basement at WA Frost. Don't know how the internet connection is, but it's pretty comfy with a book or tablet, and they have a 1/2 price bottle of wine night(can't remember what night), with a pretty extensive wine list. Caveat: sometimes the staff there is snotty.

        Went to pick up some donuts from the new glam doll on Nicollet. Really nice, laid back space that I am sure they wouldn't mind you spending some time. Intelligentsia coffee there is solid too.

        Muddy waters during the day, especially in the summer

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          Mitch...I think you and I must have the same itinerary! I was at the WA Frost lounge last weekend and was impressed with how cozy it was. Definitely a destination when you want to go out, but have a low key time.
          Also, spent yesterday afternoon hanging at Glam Doll. Yummy donuts and comfy seating make for a place you can linger.

        2. I enjoyed going to J Arthurs Coffee to work on my laptop. It's quiet, spacious and feel almost like office space. It's in an odd location - Rice Street and Co. B. 2.

          Great coffee, nice treats, nice soup, and other light lunch fare. I've spent whole work days there. I try to buy something every other hour or so just to pay my way.