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Mar 16, 2013 09:49 AM

Mountain View update

Holy nuts, a lot of changes on the east/north end of castro street.

1. Hunan Chili, which I last had lunch at a decade ago, closed. Not sure what's coming in its place.

2. Asian Box came in on the other side of Xahn. It has a lot of the freshness of Xahn - same people? - and take out from there is in the weekly rotation at work now. Same problem with Xahn - low on "taste" - but the freshness and health factor is a plus.

3. KPop - slick korean. A whole page for KFC, not BBQ specialists but they have that on the menu too. Korean Tacos. Big screen for late night ktv? Haven't tasted yet.

4. The Workshop, the aweful burger joint with an outpost in PA, looks about to open.

5. The cafe/bakery right by the train station, Netto, which was always peculiar because they looked like a healthy bakery but had a greasy spoon short order grill, has changed to Olympus, focusing on greek. I suspect it's just a makeover with the same guy, and they're bringing out their regional specialties.

6. Mamaya - this looked from the sign like "Ma Maya", a mexican joint, but yelp says it's actually Mamaya, listed as japanese tea.

7. La Fontaine - I think this actually opened a few months ago, the rebrand of whatever the previous italian place is, and it's been mentioned here. 5 stars on yelp is suspicious.

8. Azteca - where King of Krung Siam was - mexican joint, slightly upscale just saw the sign

For a one-block slice, that's a lot of turnover. We were enjoying the late night dimsum specials at Fu Lam Mum, which was hopping at 9:30, and its usual self.

Bushido, Hangen, PastaQ, Shabuway, Amarin, the two HK places, are all hanging in there as per normal.

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  1. I thought that suddenly Mill Valley had got some interesting restaurants.
    Oh.....Mountain View
    o - :

    1. I've been meaning to try the Asian Box in the Town and Country Village. So many choices, though. That business model seems to be popular. Like Freebirds (bleck) or Panda Express (double bleck) -- only healthful? Do you recommend anything in particular?

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      1. re: Glencora

        The Thai-ish BBQ meat selections are nice cuts, flavorfully cooked, without gloopy sauce. The fresh rolls have tasty noodle contents and good spicing. Since we have a spread at work, I don't know how this translates to menu --- there's a lot of "freshness".

        1. re: Glencora

          I've been to Asian Box a couple times, ordering either the vegetable slaw or brown rice, the chicken, wok tossed veggies, all the toppings except the jalepenos and picked vegetables, and the fish sauce dressing. It's in my top-5 for takeout in PA, with Oren's, Pluto's, Sprouts, and Le Bou. I wish Asian Box was closer to the office.

        2. The workshop has been open a few months. Not too many diners. Reports of bad service.

          Mamaya has been dead almost since it opened last fall.

          La Fontaine has only been open 1 week. It was B'zou for a while after Zucca closed.

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          1. re: DagingKuda

            Palo Alto Workshop is the same: lousy burgers bad service yet it stays. I can only assume their costs are very low.

            Mamaya has been completely under my radar - what do they do?

          2. By Azteca do you mean Agave? The service is distracted, their shrimp platters are very tasty, and their margaritas are decent.

            I also want to add Vaso Azzurro (Italian) is by no means new, but somehow I have missed it for years. The restaurant turns out flavorful renditions of Italian American food. Very satisfying, and I believe, may be the best Italian in the area (though very willing to look out for others if there are suggestions).

            1. I walked through downtown a couple of nights ago and noticed that both Asian Box and KPop have ABC notices in their windows indicating upcoming change of ownership. I'm not sure what that says for the longevity. When I did try KPop, the TVs were blaring the eponymous KPop videos.