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Mar 16, 2013 08:59 AM

blender ice cream: tips/tricks?

hey guyz,

i JUST discovered this was a thing this morning - had no idea you could make ice cream ("ice cream"?) in a blender! does anyone have any wisdom to share on this topic? i've seen stuff about the vegan banana ice cream, but right now i'm looking to go a bit more hedonistic ;)

also interested in using rice milk/coconut milk as a base (bf is sensitive to lactose). if it matters, i'm using a Ninja Pulse.

thank you!!

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  1. This thread may help:

    You definitely need the bananas or a stabilizer like guar gum to keep the "ice cream" from freezing too solid. It will still have some ice crystals, so a grainy, less creamy mouth feel.
    I wing it with bananas and coconut milk, plus either chocolate or whatever fruit or fruit juice concentrate I have on hand. In the chocolate banana version, the chocolate is front and center. I am not sure you'd detect the banana if you didn't know it's there.

    1. Lowest speed, do not agitate enough to make bubbles.

      Or do you mean the freezing in ice cube trays and then blending that up? You need a FP, I don't think a blender will work.

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        i am not aware of this freezing in ice cube trays thing! what do you freeze? i have a food processor, but it's very small..