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Mar 16, 2013 08:27 AM

Wedding cake?

Does anyone has suggestions for a place that does simple but very good wedding cake?

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  1. What kind of cake are you looking for? Something along the lines of a traditional wedding cake with fondant? Or simpler?

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      1. re: DrFoody

        We got our "wedding" cake from Gat-O. I use wedding in quotations, since we didn't have a typical wedding cake but a Ferrari shaped cake I got to surprise my husband whose birthday was a few days after our wedding. It was a delicious marble cake with espresso buttercream.ât-O/2...

        As for other cakes, many friends got their cakes from Lafrenaie. I'm not a fan (I find they all taste artificial), but they seem to be crowd pleasers.

    1. You could also try Yuki:
      I have never tried their wedding cakes, but I've tried other cakes/tarts there and they were all really good.

      I also know Cocoa Locale (on Parc Ave. - no website) makes gorgeous (and delicious) cakes. I'm not sure if they make proper wedding cakes though. (If they do, I'd consider getting married just for it! :)

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      1. re: alinemramos

        I love Cocoa Locale too...but if I'm not mistaken, you can't place orders. I could be wrong though!

        1. re: chefjeannine

          AFAIK, you can only reserve a cake. She doesn't do special orders.

      2. Les Delices LaFrenaie....
        Their cakes are out of this world tasty

        1. Gateaulogie, in Outremont. Everytime I pass by their window, it looks delicious and very original. But it's probably more expensive than average.

          1. Thanks for all your recs. I will try cocoa locale, since its near home