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Wedding cake?

Does anyone has suggestions for a place that does simple but very good wedding cake?

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  1. What kind of cake are you looking for? Something along the lines of a traditional wedding cake with fondant? Or simpler?

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        We got our "wedding" cake from Gat-O. I use wedding in quotations, since we didn't have a typical wedding cake but a Ferrari shaped cake I got to surprise my husband whose birthday was a few days after our wedding. It was a delicious marble cake with espresso buttercream. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gât-O/2...

        As for other cakes, many friends got their cakes from Lafrenaie. I'm not a fan (I find they all taste artificial), but they seem to be crowd pleasers.

    1. You could also try Yuki: http://www.yukibakery.com/index.php/en/
      I have never tried their wedding cakes, but I've tried other cakes/tarts there and they were all really good.

      I also know Cocoa Locale (on Parc Ave. - no website) makes gorgeous (and delicious) cakes. I'm not sure if they make proper wedding cakes though. (If they do, I'd consider getting married just for it! :)

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        I love Cocoa Locale too...but if I'm not mistaken, you can't place orders. I could be wrong though!

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          AFAIK, you can only reserve a cake. She doesn't do special orders.

      2. Les Delices LaFrenaie....http://www.lesdeliceslafrenaie.com/
        Their cakes are out of this world tasty

        1. Gateaulogie, in Outremont. Everytime I pass by their window, it looks delicious and very original. But it's probably more expensive than average.


          1. Thanks for all your recs. I will try cocoa locale, since its near home

            1. I second Yuki. Their cakes not only look great, they taste awesome. Their on-line "brochure" looks delicious.

              1. If you're looking for a simple/traditional wedding cake, I would suggest Afroditi (http://www.afroditi.ca/fr/). I got a plain vanilla cake from there for my wedding, which sounds kind of boring, but it was fresh, moist and delicious. It also didn't taste "fake" or overly sweet. It wasn't too expensive either. I think I paid $85 for a 30-person cake.

                1. Marius et Fanny does really nice cakes.

                  Actually, there are many contenders here. Normally, you would request the cake be delivered and so you don't have to restrict yourself to the island of montreal, if that is the case.

                  I also saw the mini wedding cake replicas on display at De farine et d'eau fraiche, they were really pretty. I image the price and the complexity is up to you, but they certainly offer the service!