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Mar 16, 2013 07:50 AM

Blue dot next to some threads?

What does the blue dot mean?

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  1. I think it signifies a thread you have read, but have not commented on- and which also has new posts since your last visit. But that is my best guess, and I am not 100% sure.

    1. I noticed that when I read a post, the thread would be shaded. But, thanks anyway! :)

      1. It might be a thread that you've read that has a new comment, I'm noticing this with the Jersey Shore Restaurant Week thread.

        1. From "site talk" which includes site related discussions:

          Design Changes Released on 3/14/13

          Hi everyone,

          There were two changes to design and functionality that were released today (March 14th, 2013) that I wanted to specifically mention on Site Talk:

          1) Improved experience with posting and replying on IOS devices, thanks to wider fields and more precise zooming.

          2) For logged-in users: The arrow that indicated when a discussion had been “updated” has been changed to a blue dot that appears to the left of a discussion title. Completely read discussions are still grayed out, while brand-new discussions will appear as normal, without any blue dot.

          If anyone has any questions about these changes, feel free to ask them here.

          Dave MP

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          1. re: gumpycat

            I don't understand the blue dot. If I'm logged in, it is my understanding that any thread which is in white (not gray) has had new posts since I last viewed the thread. What's different if a blue dot also appears?

            1. re: josephnl

              Hi josephnl.

              The blue dot is the indicator that a thread has been updated since you last viewed it. If there is no blue dot, and the thread is white (not grayed out), then you have never viewed that discussion.

              1. re: DeborahL

                I must be dense but...

                I thought that a thread that appears in white is one which I have either never viewed, or contains a post that I have not viewed since I last visited the thread. Looking back over many threads which I have viewed, this is so. Now, what is different about a thread that has a blue dot adjacent to it.

                Also...what is the meaning if the red diamond adjacent to DeborahL's name??

                If anyone from the CH site is monitoring this, I am a reasonably sophisticated techie, and definitely not a newbie blogger, but this is one the weirdest blogs I've ever visited. If you're going to use unintuitive symbols, please post an explanation of how you're doing things.

                1. re: josephnl

                  Red diamond means that CH is on staff.

          2. Please someone...what is the difference between a thread in white and a thread in white with a blue dot?

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            1. re: josephnl

              A thread in white with no blue dot is a thread you have never opened/read before. A thread in white with a blue dot is one you have opened/read before, that has new posts since you last opened/read it.

                1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                  I think I finally undertand! I guess the arrows are gone now, kind of replaced with a dot!

                  1. re: macca

                    Wouldn't it be nice if when CH made such a major redo that they would have prominently posted a guide to how things work? Even a few minute video would have been great!