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Mar 16, 2013 07:41 AM

Reuben Sandwich

So it's not really Irish, but I'm in the mood for corned beef and I like a reuben better than boiled dinner. Any suggestions for the best reuben sandwich around Boston? I like one that is dripping with sauce, not grease. I get very disappointed when the cheese isn't melted all the way. And obviously I want quality corned beef.

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  1. I think today is the last Saturday on which you can get Formaggio's amazing reuben. It may not look extraordinary in the sandwich case, but after they bring it in back and put it on the sandwich grill, it comes out oozing with deliciousness.

    (Formaggio's Saturday sidewalk BBQs start next week, at which point I think they discontinue to reubens for the season.)

    1. Anthem when it was on Portland street used to have a great one, but I haven't been since they moved to Fanieull Hall, so not sure if it's still on the menu

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        1. re: Beachowolfe

          About four or five years ago? The space is called Johnny's on the Side, or maybe just Johnny's now

      1. Friend just had one at grafton street in Harvard square. Looked perfect! He loved it. That food is always way better than I expect.

        1. Mike's Deli in Brookline has delicious corned beef and a perfect light rye bread. Mike sold the place about a year ago, but I believe they're keeping things the way they've always been.

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            I'll second that - though to be precise, it's Michael's Deli, not Mike's. The new owner, Steve, has kept everything Michael used to offer, but added a lot of new stuff as well, including some pretty off-the-wall "knish of the day" offerings.

            The Michael's Deli Reuben was featured in a spot on Channel 7 just a few days ago, in honor of St. Patrick's Day:

          2. sam grassi's downtown? it seems a number of CHs are big fans of that place. I've not ordered a reuben at dave's pasta but i am so admiring of their fantastic Cuban, i would think they must also do a killer reuben.