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Mar 16, 2013 05:05 AM

Where to take Red Lobster foodies ???

Since I have lived in NOLA, I was asked to make dinner reservations for 8 people who have probably never been anywhere nicer than Red Lobster.

Nice people, all seniors, who live in a small Texas town and have never been to New Orleans but are going to the Women's NCAA Tourney next month. When I asked them if they had made dinner reservations the thought hadn't even entered their mind.

So, before I really analyzed anything, I immediately think, some kind of quintessential old New Orleans place and booked a table for 8 at Arnauds. One of the ladies called me after looking at their website and said that they read that men had to wear a jacket.and the men going do not like that idea one bit.

So, guess I am looking for:
1. Somewhere that the level of frenzy of Saturday night in Nola is at a minimum.
2. Red Lobster kicked up a couple notches
3. French Qtr, CBD, or no farther than say half way through Uptown
4. Casual but not too junky. Nice sit-down.
5. No entrees over $29 ($30 could be sticker shock).
6. Some kind of New Orleans experience that they could maybe rave about to their friends at home.

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  1. Mr. B's Bistro seems to fit the bill. My family just loves it!

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    1. re: grampart

      Mr. B's is pricey. What about Bourbon House or Muriel's?

      1. re: nolala

        Yes, all one's I have thought of. Muriel's might be good because you could maybe stroll around Jax Sq before and step into the Cathedral.

        I am probably the only one...but have never been too impressed with Mr B's. But, like the idea of a more "old school" place where the wait staff treats you special.

        thanks !

    2. I think Palace Cafe might fit the bill.

      1. Given your parameters I'd suggest Court of Two Sister for atmosphere and price. I'm guessing the food is better than Red Lobster as it gets at least reasonable reviews on the group grading sites.

        I'd suggest Borne for the food and a bit of local atmosphere (even if it is created) but while service is good I wouldn't call it warm.

        Bon Ton might fit although it can get expensive if you're not watching.

        1. Yikes, the only part of this bill Court of Two Sisters would fit is the Red Lobster part. Certainly not price. I agree Muriel's would be a great choice. Good solid food, some rather creative, but nothing too "shocking." Always a good value. Not to mention great atmosphere. And as a reward to the real foodie taking them there, be sure to treat yourself to the goat cheese crepe appetizer!

          1. Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House.

            The place is casual and the staff treats people very well. The food is very good, and it is thoroughly unpretentious. Ask for a table near the big windows, and enjoy people-watching the crowds milling their way down Bourbon Street.