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Mar 16, 2013 03:20 AM

Best Sazerac?

I'll be in NO last week in March. Seeking recommendations for signature Sazerac.
Roosevelt Hotel bar?
Monteleone Carousel?

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  1. I just put together a list for a friend -- in no particular order:

    Feelings Cafe
    Mr. B.'s Bistro (and try the BBQ Shrimp!)
    Bar Tonique
    Peristroika @ Pravda (or their sister bar Cure)
    Carousel Bar
    Maurepas Foods
    French 75 Bar

    Others have indicated that one can indeed get a good sazarac at the Sazarac bar, I haven't been in ages so don't want to comment.

      1. Thanks for the recom.
        I had one at the Sazerac Bar 5 years ago during my last visit to NO but wanted to see what the current cocktail situation is now.
        I have also heard that Uncommon Bar and SouBo also craft excellent cocktails and am surprised it did not make 'montuori's' list. Perhaps Sareracs are not their specialty?
        Thanks again for the feedback.

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          Well, I'm arriving in New Orleans on Wednesday, so I'll let you know about SouBo . . . my favorite is at Arnaud's French 75 Bar mentioned previously.

          1. re: jaun

            I can safely report that Abigail at SoBou makes a STUNNING Sazerac - my new favorite!

          2. my favorite had always been at Coquette. im sure it's still good, but my favorite bartender there left and opened his own spot, 12 Mile Limit.

            1. We recently did a Sazerac crawl, trying 7 Sazeracs on one route with a mix of new and traditional locations. You can tread it here:
              New post: The great Sazerac Crawl of 2013. We try 7 versions of what are supposed to be the best of New Orleans' iconic cocktail. Who's got the best? Read it here:

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              1. re: big666dogq

                Very cool. You sort of hit why I hadn't been to the Sazarac Bar recently. I'm pleased to see your assessment of Mr. B.'s is similar to mine ... the service at the bar there really goes above and beyond. Thanks for the write-up.

                1. re: big666dogq

                  Let me add that your photography is above average ... the K-Paul pics particularly. It all kind of makes me want to head over there.

                  (I'm on the fence about how allowable any picture taking is in a restaurant: not owning a camera or phone or whatever this is easy for me to say. It's certainly to your credit that you didn't have the flash going ... there's a circle of Hell for that -- the tenth.)

                  1. re: montuori

                    Flash photography is evil, I agree and it doesn't result in very good pictures. We try to be unobtrusive and discreet, and above all quick. We're not bothering anyone else and see that we never do.

                  2. re: big666dogq

                    big666dogq, Nicely done. I will mention a couple of typos, in case you care to update your page. The name of the bar at Arnaud's is French 75 (not 175).

                    Also, in that same section, you mention their use of "Old Overton" and the correct name of that label is Old Overholt ( ). Old Overholt is actually among the cheapest labels of Rye now being sold. I lean toward Bulleit Rye.

                    Many New Orleans mixologists use Herbsaint for the rinse, my experience has been that a good absinthe provides a better result, the Lucid brand being my personal favorite in a Sazerac. I also find that almost everywhere I go the drink is being made sweeter than it really ought to be. I've learned to request in advance that they use half the sugar (or simple syrup) than they usually do. Getting a little micro drop of lemon oil out of the twist and on to the surface of the drink also adds a lot to getting the correct aroma. Lastly it really helps to use an old fashioned glass with a very thick bottom that has been well-chilled. It helps keep the temperature nice and cool.

                    When I was there in August, the Swizzle Stick Bar at Cafe Adelaide had some interesting Sazerac "flights," highlighting different ingredients and styles. If they are still doing that, it makes a worthy stop for Sazerac fans.

                    Thanks again for an entertaining read!

                    1. re: Gizmo56

                      Thanks for the catches. I will correct immediately. I typed this up with a few of those drinks still in my belly!

                      1. re: Gizmo56

                        I also agree re: sweetness. When we make it at home, it's never as sweet.