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Mar 16, 2013 02:29 AM


asking guidance on restaurants that are kid friendly in Lyon. Traveling with 10 month old boy. Thank you.

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  1. I hope you're staying in an apartment rather than a hotel. it will make life much easier for you dining-wise.

    We loved the meals we had in restaurants in Lyon, but I have to say we were equally enchanted by the meals we either cooked or brought into our apartment. The quality of the food / produce / fish /meat is so excellent. I really cannot say which we enjoyed more.

    1. Thanks chefjune. We did rent an apartment. I guess, we will be picking up groceries from the outdoor markets when we get there for dinner. ANy recommendations? we are staying near Fourviere at the ST Just apts.

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        wow. I've been up there a time or three, but it's pretty far away from most of what's going on in Lyon. You will be close by the Roman ruins, but very far from the fabulous market in the Croix Rousse. I don't know any of the restaurants up there other than the villa Florentine (and that's rather pricy and not so special).

        How long will you be in Lyon?

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          ChefJune, your posts have been so very helpful to me. Where would you suggest staying in Lyon that would be convenient? We may be renting a car, so that would also be a consideration. Thank you!!

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            I suggest staying in the Centre Ville (the area between the two rivers). It's the most centrally located and close to the markets and most restaurants. Last fall was the first time we rented an apartment (near Place des Terraux). Usually I have stayed in a hotel near the Place des Celestins. Both locations are really handy for walking to most sites and restaurants (except for Bernachon, which is on the other side of the Rhone).

            My best meal last trip was at Daniel and Denise, which we loved. I'm guessing matchpoint could find food her baby would eat there. the food is very traditional. I LOVED the Gras Double!

      2. we will be in Lyon for 3 nights. Thank you.

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          If you love it as much as we do, you'll be back! ;D