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Mar 16, 2013 01:39 AM

New addition to Hong Kong dining scene - L'Altro, a solid Michelin 1* Italian Restaurant

Located atop of 'L Place' in Central, this new Italian Restaurant is the brain child of Chef Philippe Levielle, whose restaurant 'Miramonti L'Altro' in Brescia, Italy has been a Michelin 2* since 2001.

Modern and cool looking, the dining room is covered in high-tech looking marble, chrome and glass with a partially visible open kitchen.

Our meal consisted of the following dishes:

- Grilled Squid, Black Ink Vinigrette, Fennel Orange Salad
- Shrimp Bon-Bon with Cumin, Cauliflower Cream with Mandarin Flavour
- Risotto of the day ( Porcinni Mushroom and Shredded Duck Confit )
- Crisp Australian Snapper, Panfried Vegetable Julienne, Caramelized
Sweet & Sour Sauce
- Kurobuta ( Japanese Black Hair Pig ) Milanese with Vegetable of the
Day, Sauce and trio of dips - Taragon Mayonaise, Sweet Mustard and
Chili Tomato.
- Gelato Miromonte

Whilst the Italian Meal at the Michelin 3*, 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo felt more like a 1* experience, the Modernistic and Authentic Italian Fare using French Technique at L'Altro was a IMO a 'Solid 1*!. Plate presentation was visually appealing and the food tasted very good in most areas.

Stand outs were the really smokey and perfectly grilled Squid, the exceptionally Crispy Skin Snapper thats sweet and moist and the tender Pork Medallion. The Vanilla Gelato was very creamy and the flavour, intense.

All in all a very satisfying dining experience!!

By the way, the home made bread was sooo good, they did not provide any butter or Olive Oil for dipping!!

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  1. Charles Yu, are you double-posting all your entries on HK's dining scene? You did the same for Otto e Mezzo and also Ming Court entries.

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    1. re: makanputra

      Not my intention!! Somehow, all my postings appear that way when uploading of photos were completed?!

    2. Another for my list...! Sounds really interesting, although I remember early reviews were quite luke warm and even though it opened back in August 2012 it hasn't seemed to create a buzz.

      1. Charles, I would be grateful for your advice following your meal at L'Altro. I noted that there were mixed reviews on the restaurant in general.

        Would you advise on L'Altro or Il Milione? Many thanks

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        1. re: blownd

          At a recent HK Chowmeet those that had been to Il Milione had not been impressed (although the bar and their Negroni's are much apreciated).

          However, Tosca at the Ritz Carlton, was praised highly.

          1. re: PhilD

            Phil, Charles - many thanks for the feedback. I have been remiss and not contributed much to the China & Southeast Asia section following my return from Europe. I'll be certain to update following my vacation to HK shortly.

            At the risk of digressing from the original subject - still planning one final set dinner and am stumped between T'ang Court, Sung Tung Lok and Man Wah. Any suggestions? Many thanks

            1. re: blownd

              If it was last year. Difference between TC, STL or MW was like comparing BMW, Mercedes or Audi. However, heard recent feed back from a few friends telling me Man Wah is really good nowadays. View is much better too!

          2. re: blownd

            Hello blownd! Sorry for the late reply! I didn't notice your posting till now, due to chowhound's new format and arrangement.

            I quite enjoyed the modernistic Italian cuisine of L'Altro. Nice ambiance as well. Lunch was particularly good value for money. I have not been to Il Milione, so cannot help you there.