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Mar 16, 2013 01:09 AM

Can you recognise this Florence wine bar?

About 7 years ago we were in Florence with my daughter who was then 6. On our first day we went to a lovely winebar/enoteca which I dont think would have been very far from the historic centre as we stayed just next to the Duomo. There were amazing red machines slicing the wild boar proscuito at the back. We had some great wines and then the owner came out to admire the 6 year old who is very blonde and always did attract a lot of attention in Italy! He made her the house specialty nibble - some dark bread, cheese, honey and orange zest. I was worried she wouldnt eat it after the big show of making it but she did and then wanted more....We are returning this year and she wants to go again but I have no idea where we were. Any suggestions? Many thanks

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  1. Might it be La Cantinetta dei Verrazzano? You can see in this link a photo of the preparation of its cheese, honey and orange zest plate, and some of the interior:

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      We were there last year! Don't miss the focccacio with fresh peas.

    2. Wow, thanks. That looks very like it. The board, the bread, the cheese, the honeycomb, the orange. Yum. Looks like our first lunch in Florence is sorted.

      1. It's definitely La Cantinetta di Verrazzano!