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Mar 15, 2013 11:58 PM

Manresa Bread Project - selling their bread at Campbell Farmers' Market Sundays 9-1

Read on InsideScoop that Manresa Bread Project sells their bread on Sundays at Campbell Farmers' Market Sundays 9-1. Gotta follow on Twitter for other locations in the future.


Campbell Farmers' Market
Sundays 9-1 year-round
Campbell Ave at Central Ave, Campbell

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  1. The bread I had at the restaurant was almost exactly like Tartine's, no coincidence as the baker used to work there.

    1. Wow, I recognized the stall from the picture in the article. I did not know that it was from Manresa!! I was at the farmer's market around 11 when things are so busy but surprisingly there was no big line (maybe 3-4 people waiting to get the bread). Maybe like me, not many people have noticed it… Thank you for sharing the info. I will definitely stop by and grab some stuff next time.

      1. Now also at the Palo Alto California Ave farmer's market on sunday mornings.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I tried the olive batard and the chocolate brioche so far. The olive batard may be very slightly better than the Acme olive bread, though i felt that if they made the bread with a bit more salt, it would have been better. i felt they might have tried to let the salt from the olive to compensate for the bread. though if the bite didn't have olives in it it tasted bland. there are more olive than the Acme olive bread, and the bread is denser. with that said, the bread is pricey at $8, compared to about $3 cheaper for Acme's version.

            I like the chocolate brioche better. nice chocolatey flavor. love the chunky sugar on top. overall the brioche is light with sugar. i am the type who complain that just about any dessert around here is too sweet. although i think the brioche may be a bit too light with sugar at the bottom.

            Once a piece of bread gets to the Tartine price range i automatically compare it to Tartine's version. with my limited experience so far with Manresa's, i feel i will try more, but not necessarily like I will absolutely drop by Tartine every time I am in the Mission.

            The Palo Alto market needs a good bread vendor. hoping Manresa can fill the hole.

        1. I stopped by the California Avenue Farmers' Market on Sunday in Palo Alto to pick up a few items.

          At 9 AM, the line was about 20 minutes long.

          Here's the start of the Flickr stream:

          In summary: I might revisit the brioche loaf and herb epi, but everything else was just OK, and the chocolate brioche was a disappointment.

          The potato and gruyere focaccia is OK ($6). The flavor of the topping part is OK, but could be either bolder, or more "baked in" to the bread. The focaccia is thicker than normal, and the bread is "springy," but overall, there is nothing very impressive about it; it sort of falls flat for me. I prefer the focaccia from La Biscotteria in Redwood City (very unique texture, bold flavor), or Liguria in San Francisco.

          The chocolate brioche is a disappointment ($4). It's like a lighter version of a chocolate-chocolate chip muffin; the bread itself has chocolate cocoa, plus there are small globs of chocolate embedded inside. Good balance of bread and globs, with just the right amount of sweetness, and OK chocolate flavor. As mentioned, the crystalized sugar sprinkled on the top is a nice bonus. But, the "brioche" part doesn't register: I don't get the hit of butter or eggs that I expect from a brioche. It's OK, but not addictively good. It's not as good as it looks.

          The brioche loaf ($8) is very good. The flavor comes through with a bolder than normal hit of eggs/butter, plus a nice touch of sour yeast fermentation. Texture-wise, it's a tad drier than I prefer.

          The small whole wheat sourdough ($10) is very good. It has an addictive spongy/springy crumb. The sour flavor is stronger than average. The main innovation is the whole-wheat nature. However, it's not much better than the (non-whole-wheat) sourdough sold at Le Boulanger.

          The cherry buckwheat loaf has whole cherries embedded inside, and give the bread a very strong cherry flavor. It's more a "cherry pie" flavor than a "cherry jam" flavor. The buckwheat bread itself is a little dry/dense. It's OK, but seems more of a novelty.

          The herb epi has great flavor, and is potentially addictive. Warming it up in a convection oven is essential.

          The Bostock was meh. Dry and lacking in flavor. It's a dense, dry pastry with a layer of raspberry, topped with sliced almonds.

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          1. re: ssfire

            I tried the cherry chocolate bread ($10) and it was ok. the flavors just seemed not mesh together very well. didn't seem the right type of cherry was used.

            so I don't get it. i am not the only one who feel 'meh' by the whole operation so far. what's with the line then? enamored by the Manresa name?