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Mar 15, 2013 10:41 PM

Charles Chocolates new SF Mission shop now open 3/15/13

Charles Chocolates new shop in SF Mission is now open as of today Fri 3/15/13. Hope to read some hounds report soon.

EaterSF link w/ more info:

Charles Chocolates
535 Florida St, SF

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  1. Went to Charles Chocolates in the Mission Sun 3/17/13, they opened Fri 3/15/13. It's up the street on 17th & Florida near Mariposa. I saw Coffee Bar & Cana (I need to try their Cubano Sandwich) nearby.

    They had samples of the Pave, Triple Chocolate Almonds, & later I got a tiny sample of the brownie.

    Triple chocolate almonds $12/can. I love them. Triple Chocolate Hazelnuts $12/can.

    Candied lemon & hazelnut mendiant bar $4.95 ea. I want them next time.

    Paves are melt-in-your-mouth chocolates - yummy $18 for 16pcs/$35 for 32 pcs.

    Fleur De Sel Caramels $24 for 10pcs/$38 for 20 pcs

    Chocolate Covered Matzah $22 a tub, get them now before they are gone!

    Candy pieces are $2 ea sold in tiny plastic bag, no boxes yet. Later you can customize your box.

    Brownies $5 ea; chocolate caramel tart $5 ea; chocolate chip cookie $4.5; bars like Salty sweet cashew bar $7.95; others $5.95-$7.95.

    You can look through the glass exhibition kitchen to see the chocolatiers, but they are off on Weekends, come back M-F! In the future, maybe a month, will have cafe for hot chocolate & more stuff.

    Hrs: Daily 11am-7pm!

    1. I'd still like an explanation of why they moved from Emeryville to Westfield Center, suddenly closed, and then had a fundraising campaign to reopen in the Mission. It sounds like they're making the same products as 3 years ago (I really like the almonds too).

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          Thanks! It still seemed kind of sketchy, especially the big expansion into the city and fancy truffles in the first place. Glad they've gone back to what they do best.

      1. hopefully their hot chocolate is still amazing

        1. His FB page mentioned that from now on starting 6pm until closing all pastries will be 50% off! Sweet deal.