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Mar 15, 2013 10:02 PM

Any new posts for Sake Bomb?

My original post has gotten off subject with discussing grocery stores.

Would love some updated posts!


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    1. The space is a nice little surprise in a very drab strip mall. But the sushi itself is just meh. If you're already in the neighborhood, you feel like sitting in a quiet place with decent decor, and you aren't terribly particular about your sushi, it's just what the doctor ordered.

      1. thai noodle dishes are better than the sushi. sweet shrimp nigiri (raw shrimp nigiri + fried shrimp head) is pretty tasty though.

        1. Husband and I had lunch their today. I enjoyed it. I had the the grilled beef roll. The presentation on the plate was very nice. I liked the contrast of the hot beef to the cold filling of the summer roll. The peanut dipping sauce was tasty though a little thick so I had to use my chopsticks to spread it on my roll. Very nice herb flavor also. Husband had a lunch special, spicy basil chicken. It came with a huge mound of rice and hot and sour soup. His dish had a nice amount of basil leaves and tasted very fresh. Certainly a step up from many of the standard Asian lunch specials available in the area. The brown sauce on his dish didn't taste like it came from a giant vat in the kitchen like so many Asian places. There were some subtle flavors.

          If you stray from the lunch specials, it can get expensive. The spicy goat curry that I want to try is $20. But, the portions I saw looked more than enough to share. Now, I just have to convince hubby that sharing is an option.

          1. Read in Durham magazine that the chef/owner was co-owner of Sushi Love. No wonder I found the food to be similar to Sushi Love. But the space is way cooler inside than SL.