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Mar 15, 2013 09:17 PM

BEST Recipes To Impress a Man... Please HELP!


Hey lovelies, so I really need some sure-fire man approved recipe's that will blow this man's socks off. I'm single and in my early twenties but I'm not getting any younger, my biological clock is ticking!!

Anyway, this guy is around 5 years older than me so his tastes are probably more sophisticated than a guy my own age, and he doesn't seem too hard to please. I don't really know him that well ( *yet*... cue sinister giggle), but I DO know that he likes cupcakes, brownies, meat, and cheesecake. Does any body have any mind boggling recipes? This is what I'm looking for:

- Savory and dessert recipes ( especially those falling under the above mentioned categories)

- Some recipes that can be made for a dinner date but also easily transportable dishes for potlucks and things that make good "treats" that transport and store well, like cookies or cupcakes

- Classics that every body loves, but taken up a notch ( example: lobster mac and cheese. It's popular American dish gone gourmet!) or some sort of decadent brownie but not just any brownie, like a brownie with a twist

- Obviously it has to taste incredible, and be like, the best thing you've ever eaten :)

Anyway, I would sooo appreciate your help, thanks guys!

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    1. I wouldn't try to make anything fancy. If it were me, I'd simply make something he's very familiar with and likes very much - but make the very best version of it he's ever had. I'd pick familiar foods such as roasted chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls, etc.. You get the idea. My point is, I wouldn't try to make lobster macaroni and cheese (which I've never been impressed with whatsoever - I'll take regular macaroni and cheese any day of the week) or anything else "refined". Just make regular ol' food, but make it really well. There's a lot to be said for a near perfect everyday foods.

      All of that being said, the food you serve won't matter one bit to him - if he's the type of man you're probably seeking. If he's the type of man you're probably seeking, he'll be MUCH more interested in what's in your heart and in your head than what's on the plate.

      So, relax, make good food, and just be yourself.

    2. Anything, as long as you are wearing something lowcut.. It works!

      Seriously though, most men are not picky.


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      1. re: Jerseygirl111

        Spot on girl, men eat with otherthings besides their eyes.

        1. re: Jerseygirl111

          I'd say most PEOPLE aren't picky. Even CHs. We all appreciate the effort and care it shows.

          1. re: c oliver

            Hee hee hee, yep. The first meal I made my SO was a pork roast with fried apples, salad, and mashed potatoes.

            He was very big into working out and ate really lean, so all the grease and fat made him 'toss his cookies.' I felt so horrible and never want to cook for him again!

            Then like a true gentleman, the next meal I made him of bakes fish in parchment with green beans, he never skipped a beat and dug in and thanked me.

          2. re: Jerseygirl111

            I came here to say the same. Most men are not that picky (I am a man). Make him a nice steak with some sautéed mushrooms and a simple salad. Wear something nice, revealing is a plus. If he doesn't like it, he's not the one.

            Do you really want someone you have to spoil all the time? He either likes you or he doesn't...

            1. He's a guy. We just aren't that hard to figure out. Fix him a porterhouse or a ribeye steak and some kind of potato. I suggest a baked potato. You want to get fancy try a twice baked potato.

              After the initial seducement, you can fix him whatever you like and he will say he likes it....even if he doesn't. Pay attention to what he orders at restaurants and mimic that style of food.

              My family and I like chicken marsala, Swiss steak, lasagna, stir fry of almost anything.

              Develop some kind of spaghetti or pasta dish.

              The secret to a successful date for a guy is ... you showing up. Anything that doesn't end with you spitting on his shoes after that is a win!

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              1. re: Hank Hanover

                "Fix him a porterhouse or a ribeye steak and some kind of potato. I suggest a baked potato. You want to get fancy try a twice baked potato."

                This. Steak and baked potato is relatively easy and is quintessential "man food" Something with a bone in it will even up the awesomeness. Bone in ribeye would be my suggestion.

                1. re: twyst

                  Seriously. My fiancé will go with me to all sort of restaurants and is getting more adventurous but 9 times out of ten he will order a steak and potato combination. Provided that they offer that.

                2. re: Hank Hanover

                  "He's a guy. We just aren't that hard to figure out. Fix him a porterhouse or a ribeye steak and some kind of potato. I suggest a baked potato. You want to get fancy try a twice baked potato."

                  This x20. I make all sorts of things at home, fancy and not, and nine times out of ten, my husband is happiest with just beef and potatoes.

                    1. re: Hank Hanover

                      This is so true. My DH will eat anything I make for him, but really raves when it's "guy" food--meatloaf, burgers, steak, stews, even casseroles with lots of meat and cheese.

                      A guy who doesn't eat this type of stuff at least once in a while is either lying, or just not worth dating.

                      1. re: Isolda

                        After all these years, and all these meals, Mr. Sueatmo still orders hamburgers almost everywhere. These days it is a hamburger with a salad, instead of fries, but still--a hamburger. Oh yeah, ten years ago it was a cheeseburger.

                        I agree with everyone else. Get the guy a good steak, a beautiful baked potato, and a really nice, fresh salad. Light a candle or two, dress like you really want to see him, and then post how the dinner went! OK?

                    2. Sweetheart, your biological clock is most certainly not anywhere close to ticking in your early freaking twenties. Good grief!

                      That being said, wowing dates with food is still fun. :-P If you want to try something a little more sophisticated and impressive-seeming, look for recipes for panna cotta. It's an Italian dessert that is very simple to make and has few ingredeints but it is incredibly delicious and a little different. (Also, incredibly unctuous and creamy, very suitable for a cheesecake enthusiast.) I've made it for all sorts of crowds (with chocolate ganache and berry coulis for toppings, also very easy to make!) and, the moment everyone tries it, all you can hear is the sound of spoons on dishes until there's nothing left!

                      But, just remember, there's really no such thing as "man food." Men are just people and like all kinds of food and he will be touched at you doing something thoughtful for him regardless of what it is, if he's worth his salt. Like 1POINT21GW says, if he's worth it he's going to care about who you are, not what you cook. Just relax and have some fun. :-)

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                      1. re: Lady_Tenar

                        1+.That said, Julia Child's Lobster Soufflé was what did it for me and we were married for 46 years until she died.

                        1. re: Joebob

                          you were married to julia child? did her husband know? ;)

                          1. re: hotoynoodle

                            My wife was Swedish and her mother taught her how to cook from an early age. Lucky me!

                        2. re: Lady_Tenar

                          +1 on that. Seeing your screen name and repost after just an hour of no replies, you might be confusing a "ticking clock" with some other needs. Men will smell desperation more than anything you make in the kitchen.

                          1. re: Chefpaulo

                            The virtual slap on the wrist that I needed. Thanks... Lol

                        3. I would recommend you watch Ina Garten *The Barefoot Contessa*.That woman knows how to feed a man and keep him happy! Plus her recipes are simple and every one I have duplicated have been beyond scrumptious:) She has been married to her man for like 44 years.

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                          1. re: Lillipop

                            I agree Lillipop.

                            Here are some of Ina's standouts that I have made and got raves.

                            Perfect Roast Chicken
                            Lobster Mac and Cheese
                            Turkey Meatloaf
                            Chicken Stew with Biscuits
                            Asian Grilled Salmon
                            Shrimp with garlic and herbs
                            LInguine and Shrimp Scampi
                            Shriimp Salad
                            Chinese Chicken
                            Roasted Vegetables with Orzo
                            Coconut Cupcakes
                            Raspberry Cheesecake
                            Filet of Beef Tenderloin

                            All of the recipes I have made from Ina have been wonderful. She uses really good ingredients, albeit too much salt. I cut back to about 1/2 the salt in any recipe she has. Other than that, my friends and family swoon. And her recipes are pretty easy to make.

                            I couldn't think of more, but there are no failures I can think of. Good luck, have fun and enjoy learning to cook.