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Mar 15, 2013 05:20 PM

Need Potluck Cold Main Dish

Need some ideas for a pot luck. The last potluck I brought a subpar item. My reputation took a hit, so I want to step it up this time.

Ingredients - open although I'd like to use avocados

There will be no stove/oven. Item will be brought to work in morning. Then at lunch time, all items will be brought out.

Can't be a salad. That category was already filled.

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  1. Maybe an avocado chicken or egg salad.

    1. You could halve the avocados, and scoop out the innards, dice them up, toss them in lemon juice, and then toss with chicken, minced bell pepper, tomatoes, and a little bit of feta and s&p. Maybe a nice fresh chop of parsley on top. Bring spoons.

      1. Avocado and chilled shrimp pair really well for a small bite type appetizer. Slice of avocado, chile-dusted shrimp and lime crema layered on a tortilla chip. Bonus points if you get fresh chips from a local tortillaria.

        1. Personally I'd avoid avocados because they quickly brown when exposed to air. How about something else you and your colleagues like. What kind of food tends to go first at your potlucks?

          Do you have access to a fridge?

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          1. re: Breadcrumbs

            Agreed about time factor and avocado. Asking for headaches, if not failure.

          2. How about a savory cheesecake, like this one...

            Southwest Cheesecake

            You could probably garnish that with avocados (although you'd need to slice them just before you serve it).