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Mar 15, 2013 04:24 PM

late night dining and breakfast in San Jose

My husband and I have one night in San Jose arriving at ten pm. We are looking for a casual but awesome dinner to kick off or cali trip. Any recommendations for dinner near the airport would be great! We start the since to big sur the next morning so any breakfast recs with strong coffee would be welcome!

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    1. For breakfast, 4th Street Bowl. We, too, stopped in San Jose for an overnight before heading south and found this yummy breakfast spot.

      1441 N 4th St, San Jose
      (408) 453-5555

      1. Oops, missed this one before...

        After 10pm it's pretty limited around here. Flames in downtown is open until midnight, but I wouldn't ever describe it as awesome. A step above Denny's would be more accurate.

        Honestly, that time of night I'd head straight for mexican or asian, but you'll need a really good sense of adventure...

        There are two La Victorias downtown that are something of a local institution. The super flour quesadilla is a student staple. Drown it in orange sauce. The larger one on W Santa Clara street has more seating, but neither are really sit-down places: you order, collect, and squeeze in or eat on the street.

        Melanie's suggestion of pho in south SJ is a good one, and there may be other things open in that plaza. If you're really lucky the bakery will be open and you can get hot banh kep (green waffle). Alternatively, go north to Milpitas and China Palace is open until 3am. The salt and pepper fish/squid is a favorite, but expect to be up all night from salt (and probably MSG) overload. Service is authentic, i.e., it's absolutely abysmal unless you get the nice uncle, and even then you'll need to be patient.


        Flames, 88 S 4th St San Jose, CA 95112, San Jose
        La Victoria Taqueria, 140 E San Carlos St, San Jose
        La Victoria Taqueria, 131 W Santa Clara St, San Jose
        China Palace, 688 Barber Ln Milpitas, CA 95035

        1. Noticed Sa-By Thai in downtown San Jose is open until midnight. Haven't tried it myself.

          1. I believe both branches of Bakery Mexico are open relatively late, at least until 11 pm if not later (at least the E. Santa Clara St. branch). I'm a big fan of their tortas, which I think are among the best I've had, whether in California or Mexico.