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Mar 15, 2013 03:48 PM

La Tur - $13.49/lb Andronico's SF!

I just got back from grocery shopping at the Irving St. Andronico's and was pleased to pick up La Tur at $13.49/lb. I paid less than $5.50 for one of the small rounds. This is about half off the regular price. The cheesemongers told me that they had accidentally ordered too many and they were priced to sell. I easily saw 40 pieces in the cheese case.

I believe this even beats the price Costco had last time I chanced upon it there!

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  1. Nice find, another reason to head to Andronico's.

    BTW, there's a discussion thread about La Tur on the new Cheese Board.

    1. I checked at Solano and Shattuck stores. The Shattuck had about 6-10 full rounds left Saturday morning.. The Solano had 6-8 at the regular price.

      1. As of 1pm 3/28, they had only a few pieces left at the SF location.

        1. For those further south, the Milk Pail in Mountain View currently has the small rounds of La Tur for $3.99. In the special-price case across from the left-side cash registers. I think it is 6 oz -- including the plastic tub, it weighs 8 oz.