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Mar 15, 2013 02:39 PM

What is your favorite sandwich in Metro-Detroit?

Let me preface that I'm doing this for a project I'm working on.

What is your favorite sandwich from a Metro-Detroit non-corporate sandwich shop, party store, deli, or even food truck? please refrain from saying hints like "my sister's house."

I've eaten a lot of sandwiches in my life, I just want your opinion on what I'm missing.


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  1. The italian sub fron Gonellas (Italian Mkt). The
    hard rolls are an extra dime and sell-out fast.
    Wise to arrive well before noon if you want a hard

    I also like the italian sausage sandwich @ Vinnie's
    in Romulus:

    Keego Specialty Sausage Co. also has a good
    (spicy) italian sausage and a good braut:


    I like the Hippo (Chicago) dog and the italian beef
    sandwiches at Hippo's in Troy:

    Fly Trap @ Ferndale has a very good salmon sandwich:

    My go-to place for reubens is Hygrade Deli:

    Classic Sliders? Motz

    Yuppie/Trendy Sliders? Green Dot Stables

    Hamburgers? Red Coat Tavern

    Steak sandwich: Jeremy's @ Keego Harbor
    (only served at the bar


    Monte Cristo @ Scrambler Marie's, Farmington Hills

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    1. re: rainsux

      If you're a fan of the Monte Cristo at Scrambler Marie's you should definitely check out the offering they have at The Lodge in Keego Harbor. Also a solid sandwich.

    2. Chain alert!

      I've eaten Tubby's Mushroom Steak & Cheese Sub many times, for about 40 years. I'll go with that.

      Had great hamburgers, corned beef, Fried Fish, Bologna, Pulled Pork, and BLTs all over the metro.

      Wish someone from Flyover Country would move here and offer a Pork Cutlet sandwich!

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      1. re: RedTop

        I'll let Tubby's slide as it is "The Original Detroit Sub"

      2. I might as well start off by saying my favorites

        I adore Italian subs. My two favorites don't compare but I love can't get enough of the Italian sub from Bommarito Bakery in St. Clair Shores

        My runner up to that is the Italian sub on the hard roll at Ventimiglia Italian Foods in Sterling Heights

        My last is as simple as it gets. Give me a ham sandwich from Lile's Sandwich Shop in Dearborn

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        1. re: docpan

          > Lile's

          Great pastrami too! Sadly, no longer open on weekends.

        2. Short rib sandwich at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak.

          1. Chicken shawarma from Bucharest.