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What is your favorite sandwich in Metro-Detroit?

Let me preface that I'm doing this for a project I'm working on.

What is your favorite sandwich from a Metro-Detroit non-corporate sandwich shop, party store, deli, or even food truck? please refrain from saying hints like "my sister's house."

I've eaten a lot of sandwiches in my life, I just want your opinion on what I'm missing.


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  1. The italian sub fron Gonellas (Italian Mkt). The
    hard rolls are an extra dime and sell-out fast.
    Wise to arrive well before noon if you want a hard


    I also like the italian sausage sandwich @ Vinnie's
    in Romulus:


    Keego Specialty Sausage Co. also has a good
    (spicy) italian sausage and a good braut:


    I like the Hippo (Chicago) dog and the italian beef
    sandwiches at Hippo's in Troy:


    Fly Trap @ Ferndale has a very good salmon sandwich:


    My go-to place for reubens is Hygrade Deli:


    Classic Sliders? Motz


    Yuppie/Trendy Sliders? Green Dot Stables


    Hamburgers? Red Coat Tavern


    Steak sandwich: Jeremy's @ Keego Harbor
    (only served at the bar



    Monte Cristo @ Scrambler Marie's, Farmington Hills


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    1. re: rainsux

      If you're a fan of the Monte Cristo at Scrambler Marie's you should definitely check out the offering they have at The Lodge in Keego Harbor. Also a solid sandwich.

    2. Chain alert!

      I've eaten Tubby's Mushroom Steak & Cheese Sub many times, for about 40 years. I'll go with that.

      Had great hamburgers, corned beef, Fried Fish, Bologna, Pulled Pork, and BLTs all over the metro.

      Wish someone from Flyover Country would move here and offer a Pork Cutlet sandwich!

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      1. re: RedTop

        I'll let Tubby's slide as it is "The Original Detroit Sub"

      2. I might as well start off by saying my favorites

        I adore Italian subs. My two favorites don't compare but I love can't get enough of the Italian sub from Bommarito Bakery in St. Clair Shores


        My runner up to that is the Italian sub on the hard roll at Ventimiglia Italian Foods in Sterling Heights


        My last is as simple as it gets. Give me a ham sandwich from Lile's Sandwich Shop in Dearborn


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        1. re: docpan

          > Lile's

          Great pastrami too! Sadly, no longer open on weekends.

        2. Short rib sandwich at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak.

          1. Chicken shawarma from Bucharest.

            1. I am in love, love, love with the filet mignon sandwich at Jeremy in Keego Harbor...it's the same one rainsux mentioned. I've had it many times, and it's almost always ridiculously delicious. It's not cheap at $14, but it does come with a side of steak fries, and some housemade hummus and crackers. I don't leave hungry, and my taste buds are wicked happy when I'm done.

              1. This week I went to Green Dot Stables and had the best sandwich I've ever had...could have ordered a dozen.

                Peanut Butter and Jelly with Chipotle sauce AND bacon. I'm dreaming of the day I can return and get some more.

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                1. re: grouper

                  Their fried bologna slider is to die for as well. And my picky-eater son (age 5) who eats nothing but carbs and cheese LOVES that PB&J sandwich.

                2. Duh. How did I not recall this: Yellow Lake Perch Sandwich at Pat O'Brien's in St Clair Shores.

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                  1. re: RedTop

                    I tried this one tonight, and honestly RedTop, it was pretty impressive. A bit on the pricey side, but then again, so is the filet mignon sandwich at Jeremy.

                    The perch was pretty much perfect...I don't know that they could have done it any better than that. I do wish that it had been a tiny bit bigger (four pieces instead of the three provided), but every part of the sandwich worked. They provided some beautiful romaine, purple onion, and a surprisingly red slice of tomato. They also provided a tartar sauce that I wouldn't want with anything else but this particular application, I don't think. It's not at *all* like Scotty Simpsons' wonderful elixir...but doggone it if it isn't perfect for this sandwich.

                    I guess it's hard for me to believe that a bar like this could do perch that well...but they do! I think I'll be trying the perch dinner in the future, and if they do it the same way, I'm sure it'll be a place I can count on over on the east side.

                    Nice call!

                    1. re: boagman

                      Thanks for your endorsement, boagman. Agree with you on all counts.

                      (Kroger was selling Yellow Lake Perch for $13.99/lb last Saturday!)

                  2. Ernie's Market for the best cheapest $5 3 meat/3 cheese sammich ever.

                    Vinnie's Italian Sub Shop for the Italian sub. Get the spicy oil dressing.

                    Jaw Jumbo Burger for the cheeseburger sub.

                    Ricky's Sub Shop for a cheesesteak.

                    1. Triple Threat Pork sandwich at Slows. Make sure you add the Mustard Sauce.


                      1. Chicken Schwarma at Al Ameer

                        Champ's Special at Champ's in Brighton

                        Burger at Side Tracks in Ypsi

                        1. Gotta add any corned beef sandwich at Bode's in Plymouth and the Philly at Gabriel's in Ypsilanti.

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                          1. Gabriel's Cheesesteak Hoagies - Ypsilanti, Westland, Saline

                            Miller's Bar Cheeseburgers - Dearborn

                            Dan's Giant Submarine Sandwiches - Farmington

                            1. Another vote for Gonella's I like the "6 and 1 on hard" - i.e. 6 layers of meat, one layer of cheese on a crusty roll. I frequent the one on Pelham in Dearborn.

                              1. Just a few I can think of offhand...

                                Corned Beef Special from the Star in Southfield
                                Nostalgia Burger with Piedmontese Beef from Beau Jack's in West Bloomfield (yeah, I give them a slight edge over Redcoat)
                                Gyros from Golden Fleece in Greektown
                                Monte Cristo from The Lodge in Keego Harbor

                                1. The Wooden Spoon in Brighton and the (French) Laundry in Fenton both have really great sandwiches, my all-time favorite being the The Apple Orchard at The Wooden Spoon: Brie, apple butter, spiced walnuts, sour apples & apple cider
                                  Vinaigrette tossed arugula on multi-grain roll. It sounds different and quite sweet but it isn't, the flavors all melt together in an amazing way, you have to give it a shot.

                                  1. Easy the $ 5 Italian Sub at Alcamo's Dearborn

                                    Best Subs in the D, fo 50 plus years

                                    OK folks you've never I mean never had a sub until you've eaten an Italian $ 5 loaded, with the freshest most flavorful meats and cheeses in and around the D. They line up and yes you take a number to get these daily belly buster subs, with a dozen folks working fast and furious behind that mega meat counter. A must try years ago my friend Eric says once you go , you'll be hooked and yes I am at least twice per month for that fix and I've got dozens of friends and neighbor's hooked just like you'll be.
                                    Also pick up the wine and parsley sausage or the mici Romanian sausage and garlic butter all made daily in house.
                                    The breads, oils and olive selection Will blow you away. The service and smell when you step foot in the door will just say I've stepped back in time fifty years ago

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                                    1. re: ALPOE

                                      I tried Alcamo's today. It's a darned good
                                      italian sub. But I think Gonellas on South
                                      Oakwood has the better sub and is a better

                                      My $5 Alcamo's cost $6.69 out the door. They
                                      charged $.50 for hot peppers and $1 for a hard
                                      roll. The hard roll was a real let down, no
                                      crisp/crunch at all. Darned good chew. More
                                      of a square roll than traditional sub roll.

                                      Gonellas $5.50 offering is comparable meat and
                                      cheese ... and they only charge 10-cents for
                                      the hard roll and the hot peppers are N/C.
                                      Their hard roll has the crisp/crunch that I

                                      If I happen to be nearby Alcamo's, will be
                                      dandy. If I am craving a sub and gonna drive
                                      30-miles, I'll drive a few more miles to
                                      Gonellas - the S. Oakwood market.

                                      Then there is the matter of neighborhood
                                      "charm." STOP LAUGHING! Something about that
                                      South Oakwood Blvd neighborhood that gets
                                      my adrenalin pumping. <g>

                                      1. re: rainsux

                                        "Something about that South Oakwood Blvd neighborhood that gets my adrenalin pumping. <g>"

                                        And your chamber(s) loaded! ;)

                                        1. re: rainsux

                                          Both charge you for the delivery system? (roll). Seems to be some twisted logic on the southwest side...

                                          1. re: RedTop

                                            Incorrect. Both include their std soft roll. I prefer the crisp/crusty/crunch of a hard roll. Ergo, the up charge.

                                            1. re: rainsux

                                              Speaking as a bread lover, doesn't the roll chosen make the sandwich different?

                                        2. re: ALPOE

                                          I vote for Alcamos over Gonellas. Tastier dressing.

                                          1. re: dearborn barkis

                                            Finally got a chance to try Gonella's sub with a hard roll today (I'd stopped by multiple times previously, but the hard rolls were always sold out, and I refused to water down the trial...). Didn't really know what to get (6 layers of meat? 8?), so I went with the 8 layers of meat, with no cheese on a hard roll, dressing on the side (to go). I then went to Giovanni's for lunch and enjoyed the crap out of myself. Even had dessert.

                                            I ate the sub later in the day, and I won't make that mistake again. The quality was there in spades, but sitting in the car didn't do the sandwich any favors. Great roll, *high* quality meats, fresh veggies (though the tomato had no flavor at all). Bonus points for them adding extra onions when I asked them to and they didn't make it an Onion Sandwich of Death Breath. Just the right number, I'd say.

                                            I didn't get to try the sauce as I was on the road while eating it, and saucing it would have been ridiculous. Besides, I'm pretty anal about eating in my car. Hate to do it, but will if need be, and today was that kind of day.

                                            I would definitely go back for this if I'm in the area. Good, quick-moving lunch crowd here, with an efficient staff. Though I despise the presence of them, the entire sandwich-making staff was hustling well, and my own sandwich maker impressed me so much, that I actually threw a buck into the Tip Jar of Doom. I *hardly ever* do that (Carnival Market's the exception, but they really take care of me, there), so service was good.

                                            Maybe if I'd left the sandwich out in the car in *winter*, instead...yeah. That might be the better idea.

                                            1. re: boagman

                                              I...just...what. You seriously reviewed a sandwich you ate after you left it in your car. In June. In 80-plus degree weather and high humidity. Did you at least leave the windows cracked so it could breathe?

                                              This is akin to going to Giovanni's, ordering a beautiful plate of pasta, then sprinkling powdered asbestos ceiling tiles on it. And then reviewing it. You've rendered it inedible.

                                              1. re: charlesbois

                                                I did, but the quality was still there! It should be noted that a lot of the time spent in the car was spent with the air conditioning on, in pretty reasonable temps. Like I said, I'll get one in the future and have it just after it's made. It was still good as-is, though.

                                        3. Star Deli in Southfield has the greatest tongue on sour rye!

                                            1. Hygrade Deli Classic Reuben made with Sy Ginsberg Corned Beef both a Detroit tradition for 60 plus years. A must try in this amazing dated outstanding deli on Michigan Ave just west of the old train station, Here's their Facebook Page ENJOY