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Mar 15, 2013 02:10 PM

Please help me round out this year's restaurant list

Arriving in April for our annual visit and once again I am responsible for restaurant choices. So far I have dinner reservations at Louro and L'Apicio and Collichio and Sons.I also have lunch reservations at NoMad and Toloache. Still need a couple more lunch and dinner suggestions. I am looking at Acme,Buddakan, Hudson Clearwater, and Duane Park. Help!!! Cannot seem to make any final decisions.

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  1. l'apicio is ok...i like their pastas but the crowd is a bit unbearable and the place is LOUD. if you haven't had their food before, id probably suggest you try dell'anima (though i haven't been there in some time).

    acme is a fun night out and the food is probably better than it needs to be. however, everything i had there was very salty. surprisingly, the portions are quite big there.

    1. Dell'anima or L'Artusi might work if L'Apicio is too loud.

      For farm to table, ABC Kitchen is excellent.

      You might also want to look at Empellon Cocina.

      Of the four you listed, I think Acme is the only one that gets accolades on here.

      What about Mission Chinese for lunch?

      Where have you been before, and what have you liked?

      1. Been to ABC a couple of times and loved it. Empellon was great the first time but not so much the second. Really liked L'Artusi and will look at dell'anima. Other favourites include Gramercy Tavern, Locanda Verde, Momofuko Saam, Maialino, Perilla, Balthazar, Boqueria, Inoteca, Bar room at the Modern and Recette.

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          A lot of my favorites!

          I'd say also check out:
          Ma Peche
          Kin Shop

          1. re: kathryn

            Well I think I had tried them based on your input! Also loved kinship.Will look at Ma Peche. Thanks

        2. Since you liked Perilla and Kin Shop, you really must try The Marrow. I love your choices of Louro and Toloache. If you like Indian food, I would highly recommend Junoon and Tulsi.

          1. Hudson Clearwater is terrible. There's a reason you don't hear much about it on these boards. It's not even remotely in the same class as some of the other places you've mentioned.

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              Thanks so much for the advice...I will cross off Hudson Clearwater.What about Duane Park or is it all show with mediocre food?