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Lunch with Elderly (but spry) Aunt and Uncle drivable from 41st Street, Miami Beach

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We are visiting the Aunt and Uncle (themselves snowbirds) over Passover, and will be going to lunch. They are staying at Miami Beach around 41st, we have a car. They won't be eating bread (Passover) but are not kosher. They are not adventurous eaters, but we are. Suggestions?

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  1. Consider Milos or Joe's for lunch.

    1. Thanks -- have tried Milos in Las Vegas, so looking for more local flavor. Is Joe's at lunch easy to get into? Would not want to wait on a long line with the Uncle.

      1. I believe Joe's is open for lunch Tues-Sat 11:30am-2pm (though the take-away is open every day with lots of tables to sit and enjoy). Friday is most crowded, any other day shouldn't be a problem. I prefer main dining room. There is free self parking in their lot across the street or you can valet. They have a 'classic' menu item that includes all the favorites.