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Mar 15, 2013 01:17 PM

Asada Mexican Grill

New Mexican Restaurant opened recently on St. Clair. This is the 1st I've heard of it. Has anyone tried it yet?

From Post City: "A new Mexican restaurant called Asada has opened up at 809 St. Clair West. From the details on the website, the resto is all about customization, allowing patrons to pick their own shells, meats, toppings and extra ingredients".

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  1. Cool - it's right where I live - I'll try to eat there in the upcoming days and post back...

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      Look forward to hearing back from you :)

    2. This area is starting to become very Mexican. Let's hope we get a little Mexicotown here.


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        I'm hoping we get some GOOD Mexican up here - I am not thrilled with what we have on offer. Had high hopes about El Rincon but it's not a place I would return to. Here's hoping Asada fits the bill!

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          Well the GOOD stuff is coming. It's odd. About 10 years ago we met up with a Mexican immigrant who told us that Mexican immigration here is on the rise. She said it would double over each of the next few decades. Looks like she's right.


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          I would love that! That's what Toronto needs!

        3. Went for lunch today, and as pained as I am to say it, because the owner and the people working there were so incredibly nice, it's average @ best.

          It's a takeout place and all of the meats are antibiotic-free, which is great, but the food just wasn't anything special. I had the chicken tacos. The chicken was seasoned really nicely and it was made on soft corn tortillas, which they make in house. The tortillas were nice, a little on the thick side, which I liked. I got rice on the side, which was a bit on the crunchy side, and the guacamole was really bland. It probably just needed some salt, but it was flavourless. They did have a guacamole sauce, along with several other sauces that you can put in a container to take with you, or if you're eating in, add to your tacos yourself, and that was really good. But overall, it was disappointing.

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            Your review was similar to mine. - I couldn't tell the guacamole was bland since the nachos were so salty. Compared to other central Toronto places it was good. The place in Kensington Market is coming along but I'm never overly optimistic about Mexican in Toronto. Glad you mentioned the salsa bar. Nice touch you don't see in Toronto as a rule. Well done for that. PS Asada Grill has not replied to my review. Thumbs down for that!

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              Did they not only not respond to it but delete it??

              Can you post here

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                I couldn't access your review either. Like ylsf, I'd love if you could post it here, so we can see it!

            2. For those that don't read BlogTO, here is link to a review/pics of this place posted up today:


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                That's quite a good review and some promising comments too. I will definitely give it a try.

              2. I tried Asada today for lunch and would give it a solid B-plus.

                Wasn't in the mood for meat so tried the veggie option - beans, rice, jalapenos and grilled onions with every topping on offer including the baja cream to finish. Everything tasted fresh - the jalapeno salsa in the salsa bar was also really good.

                The house made soft corn tortilla had good flavour and held together well given the amount of stuff I had on the tacos.

                I will definitely go back and give the meat a try. Definitely like it better than the other taco places nearby including Tacos el Asador.

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                1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                  I've been there twice now. The 1st time was just a few days after they opened, and as i reported in an earlier post, I was disappointed. I went back a couple of weeks later, and it had improved. The guacamole had much more flavour than it did on my 1st visit. But after reading your review, I'm going to go again next week, so that i can decide one way or another how I feel about this place. In regards to the guacamole, however, the other criticism I had is that they charge $3 extra for it, but don't give you much @ all.