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Mar 15, 2013 12:29 PM

Canned Duck Confit

If there is a thread on the site for this, please redirect me. I just came into posession of some duck confit in a can. I'm looking for the best way to cook it. I also have canned foie gras, so any ideas in using that will be appreciated as well. I've cooked duck before, but never from a can.

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  1. Just scrape as much of the fat off as possible (keep the fat!!) and put it on a baking sheet -- bake at 400 until heated through and crispy.

    Or put it in cassoulet.

    1. It is quite common in France to can Meat Products like Confit.
      Here is a link about using the Foie
      Do you know if it is Bloc,Pate or Entier?