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Mar 15, 2013 12:20 PM

Plates and utensils - recommendations?

My better half and I are putting together a wedding registry. We're looking at plain white plates for both casual and formal use. We're considering Denby, which is available for us to look at locally at Macy's, but their set is a bit too large for our current cabinets and dishwasher (hey do fit in other homes we've tried them in, and we won't be in our current spot much longer, so hopefully that won't be an issue). I've read that Apilco and Pillivuyt are also good quality; I haven't tried them first hand as it seems Williams Sonoma is their major retailer here and the nearest WS to me is a couple hours away. Wedgwood doesn't seem to have a plain enough design offering for our tastes.

Between Denby, Apilco, and Pillivuyt, who would you choose? Is there someone else we should look at?

We're also looking at Kate Spade's Malmo pattern flatware, but I'm not sure who makes it.

Can anyone speak to its quality, or recommend a durable flatware maker with simple, modern designs? Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn have similar designs available, but I'm uncertain who wins on quality there.

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  1. We went with a flatware set from Dansk (no longer made) that is virtually identical to Lenox Continental. It looks smashing with our white porcelain, and we especially like the larger continental size (Lenox is larger, too). Simple, elegant, yet perfect for backyard cookouts, too. The Lenox is a nice heavy weight, with good balance.

    As regards the porcelain you're considering, I don't think you'd be disappointed with any of them. The quality is good and porcelain is such a workhorse, they'll look great for many years.

    1. I replaced my flatware about 2 years ago. I asked for help with this here, and someone recommended this resource:

      I recommend them highly. After a lot of input in the thread I eventually requested single pieces of two patterns, and ended up going with one of them. They shipped my selections quite promptly, charged no shipping, and also charged me no tax. (If I were to order from them now, they would have to charge me the WA sales tax. But if you are in another state, the won't.


      I spent time on their site researching various patterns, and deciding what I was willing to pay

      I eventually bought this pattern:

      I like how it looks and how it feels in my hand.

      If you are interested in Yamazaki stainless, you should be able to handle some pieces at Bed Bath and Beyond. But you will get a better price ordering from Silver Superstore.