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Mar 15, 2013 12:17 PM

Best Beef (or Lamb) Shwarma

Iraqi student of mine complained he hasn't been able to find good beef shwarma in the Boston area. He likes the chicken shwarma at Sepal.
Shwarma's not something I usually order, so I had no idea where to send him.


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  1. Spicy beef shwarma at Garlic and Lemons on Harvard St in Allston is my favorite in town.

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      The plain beef is great too, although I do prefer the spicy myself. The texture of the spicy is closer to kofte: it's pressed ground beef, whereas the regular beef is what you think of when you think of shwarma.

    2. Armenian Market and Bakery on Elm Street in Watertown, just across the side street from the Target end of the mall parking lot. The shawarma is well seasoned, juicy, and served with pickles and good yogurt. Owners are from Istanbul, and they have Turkish style rice pilaf, housemade sujuk (fresh), and beef manti (frozen) too.

      The pictures of their beef and chicken shawarma are from their webpage.

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        That looks amazing - do they have the pickled red turnips? Fordee's is quite good for this (though I don't think I've had the beef there). Pita Thyme in the Financial District is very good, though the beef came out of a steamer tray. I really miss House of Ararat in Watertown, they had the best chicken with garlic sauce ever, and their beef shawarma was great, too.

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          Went today and had the beef shawarma. Really awesome stuff - the meat had nice crispy crunchy bits, and excellent flavor. It came with the usual trappings, including pickled turnips, all of which were delicious. The biggest surprise was that they had homemade souboureg - one of my favorite things in the world, and a huge pain to make at home.

        2. I like the Shwarma at Rami's inBrookline and I have a very nice lamb Shwarma at the Greek Grill in the center of Winchester.

          1. Its not exactly Boston, but Saab's on Rt 1 in Norwood (same plaza as the Ocean State Job Lot) makes one of the better ones I have had..

            1. If he's Iranian, see if he's tried Sabzi - no shwarmas there but tasty kebabs..