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Mar 15, 2013 11:43 AM

Food sightseeing in San Antonio and Lost Pines

Thanks to everyone for previous help on restaurants, and now that I've got our meals nailed down, I'm casting a wider net... is there any food sightseeing in San Antonio, or en route between SA and Lost Pines (via Luling and Lockhart) on April 7-9? I'm thinking a BBQ museum or food festival, chili cook-off, special exhibits at a museum, and so on. (In other places I've been to a pasta museum, a photo exhibit of food art, a food exhibit at a science museum, a salt museum, and a mushroom cave, to give you an idea.) I know about the Bluebell Ice Cream factory tour, but it's probably a bit off of our route. Any thoughts? And thanks in advance, as always...

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  1. Wellthere is of course BlueBell Icecream.Shiner Beer in Shiner Texas has a brewery tour.Not sure how far that is from Lockhart or Luling.You might check out the website for PoteetTexas.Or type in Poteet Strawberry Festival.I think that will be coming up.The San Antonio Botanical Garden has Viva Botanica but that's not till April 20.April 7that Mission Espada is the Fiesta Franciscana a music and art fair at one of the old spanish missions. You might check the website of Texas Highways magazine for information or search for Texas Food Festivals in April for more info.

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      Thanks, HollyDolly, the Strawberry Festival would be perfect, but it's just after we leave, darn it!!

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      1. Smiths in Lockhart Texas should takecareof all your needs

        1. Sorry---that's Smitty not smiths.