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Mar 15, 2013 11:31 AM

Pesach shopping stratergy in the 5 Towns

Just came back from shopping for shabbos and noticed some significant price difference in pricing that I thought that I would share.

Your first stop should always begin with Seasons in Lawrence. Make a bee line to the meat section and look at their specials and their Tevya's line of meats. You will always save a bundle there - hands down.

Next stop should be Brachs, the 5 townd price leader (again, except for meats). Easy to get too with plenty of free parking - all the rest you must feed the meter as well as depending on the time of day at Gourmet Glatt circle around looking for a spot to park. As an example of price difference, today Brachs was selling eggs, extra large $.99/doz and Gourmet Glatt $1.79/doz. Crispy-O's passover cereal, Brachs $1.99 Gourmet Glatt $3.99 - double the price! I bought 6 of them and saved $12 just on that one item.

Last, but not least Gourmet Glatt for items that Brachs does not carry or was out of stock. Gourmet Glatt is totally on top of their inventory, forever restocking items while Brachs many times runs out.

So there you have it. Figure out how much you saved and either pat yourself on the back, give it to tzedaka, splurge on a few of those overly priced pesach cakes, or treat yourself to a meal or two in a restaurant.

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  1. A few additional points, MartyB,:

    1) Although the Tevye's meat is incredibly priced, I find a huge difference in quality. Gourmet Glatt has some terrific meat specials for Pesach. They actually lowered prices instead of raising them. In meals where meat is the focus, I prefer to splurge on quality.

    2) CVS: Coke is on sale for 99 cents a bottle plus you can print out a 25 cent coupon per bottle in the store. This works for up to 5 bottles. I will be joining forces with my mom to stock up on soda here. Maxwell House coffee is on sale this week for 6.99, there was a $1 coupon in the paper and you get $1 extra bucks, bringing the price down to $5 for a large container. Also Dawn liquid, $2.49 a bottle in Gourmet is on sale for 99 cents.

    3) Stop and Shop and Key Food have some great deals in their circulars as well.

    That being said, I still went to KRM for the "big shop".

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      KRM, good choice. I usually do a Boro Park pass for pesach but will be going to Florida this year. So far I have booked both sedarim by local shuls so all the hard work is done. I only have to deal with the two yom tov meals since it will only be my wife and I so a single chicken will do and I plan on buying takeout for that. My daughters will be going to the Bahamas, god bless them, so not much cooking going on here this year. Shabbos and the last days I will worry about then.

      Off to Florida tomorrow :)

    2. Postscript:
      The 99 cent eggs in Brach's were all broken.
      CVS only had KFP regular Coke and a very limited supply.