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Mar 15, 2013 11:24 AM

Organic bread flour in New England?

I'm looking for a 50 lb bag of organic bread or high gluten flour somewhere here in the Northeast. Has anyone happened upon a local mill or supplier in the area? I checked with Bay State milling and Cara Donna and no dice. Any leads on this would be greatly appreciated - I'll dedicate my next loaf to you!!!

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  1. The Littleton Grist Mill (Littleton, NH) freshly grinds a variety of grains. However, not sure if they do organic. If you are committing to a large order, they might be able to do it as a special, or at least they might have a bead on who else in the NE you could contact:

    Also, Hippie Chick and Blue Blinds bakeries claims to use organic, so they may be willing to share contact for their supplier(s):

    1. I wonder if the folks at the grain CSA in Amherst could help:

      1. King Arthur Flour .... don't know where they get it, but they sell organic. In vermont.

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          Yes, KA has organic bread flour, but it only comes in 5-pound bags - a pretty far cry from the 50 pounds that gregoryswil is looking for.

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            I've seen much bigger bags of KA flour in a local bakery, so they do do bigger bags for a commercial customer.

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              sorry, I should have been more specific, to call them and see what they can do. They are very friendly and helpful and might even be able to direct to local sources.

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                It turns out that KA has a whole line of professional flours, including organic flours. You can look up Massachusetts distributors on this page:

        2. Along the same lines as ordering from King Arthur, you could try Associated Buyers

          They service mostly restaurants and retail wholesale accounts, but also will deliver to "buyers clubs" if you set up an account and meet minimum order size (which is considerable - I believe $500.)

          So it would take some organization. But they have everything - a big list of flours and grains (including KA). And all manner of "natural" or organic food and drink and household products.

          1. Check out Nitty Gritty! We love them. and Aurora Mills Both have organic certification and use locally grown wheat. The mention of Associated Buyers in another post is a wholesale contact. These are the two producers I know to be easiest to access directly.
            Another certified organic mill in New England is Champlain Valley Milling, in Westport NY but they are mostly in distribution, not so much direct to consumer.
            PS any local health food store near you probably does business with one or all three of these producers. I am sure, since I'm in the biz, that your local could order that for you.