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Mar 15, 2013 10:22 AM

Favorite Feta cheese?

I have only had regular grocery store brand plastic-wrapped feta cheese - either Athenos or Presidente. I admit that they are fairly OK, but I'd like to branch out into the real stuff. I was recommended a Greek Chevrite last week which I didn't much care for. It was too tangy and didn't really have much flavor from what my palette could tell although the cool, creaminess was nice but not enough for me to want to use it and I think it's flavor would be lost in anything I'd try to pair it with other than crackers or something in that arena. Do you have a favorite Feta cheese?

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  1. Do you have any middle eastern or greek markets near you? Many times they will make their own, or carry some small batch feta that is excellent.

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      The last cheese I bought was at Whole Foods where they seem to have a nice selection in brine. There are quite a few Greek restaurants around so perhaps I could speak with them but no Middle Eastern or Greek markets nearby that I am familiar with off hand.

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        Excellent advice, carolinadawg. The Greek market I go to sells their in-house made Feta as well as Feta imported from Greece, France and Eastern Europe. All are night and day different and better compared to the average grocery store "Feta".

        The kind of milk used in production is important as well as the time of year the cheese was made.

      2. I've been buying cheese - including Feta - from "igourmet" for a number of years now & have yet to be disappointed. While they also offer a Bulgarian Feta, I haven't tried that one yet; this is the one I normally purchase & have reviewed on their site (under "Breezy").

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          I recently purchased some of Igourmet's barrel-aged Feta too and really enjoyed it. Far different from the grocery store type I was used to. Not overpowered by the flavor of salt. Nice tang and great texture. Worth the extra $$$.

          I've also tried the feta that Pen Mac makes themselves. While it's good, just not as good as Igourmet's.

        2. My personal fav is Valbreso French feta

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            +1 on this - it is the only one I buy anymore.

          2. Why don't you nominate Feta for COTM?

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              I didn't know that was a thing but perhaps I will :)

            2. So I went to a dedicated cheesemonger vs my usual Whole Foods cheese section and purchased a lovely feta but I still don't get too much in terms of taste from it. Perhaps it could be that I'm expecting too much from feta and that it's a very mild cheese renowned for it's subtle tang and creaminess?