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Corned Beef Hash...To Grind or Not???

I'm very new to grinding my own meat. Is corned beef something that can be ground...or not? I've read that some love to grind their own. I've also seen it said the meat comes out mushy, if using a grinder. That it's better if chopped. Any truth to it? If not, I'd love you to share any recipes for this or any other favorite grinding blends.

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  1. i grind. along with the potatoes and other stuff cooked with it

    1. It depends upon what your desired result is. If you wish to emulate the canned kind (but with better ingredients), grind it. If you prefer meaty chunks, cut it up.

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        I love the canned type, just not all that fat. What type of potatoes are used for grinding? What plate (cut) is used? And, are any spices added to your mix, or does that wait for the frying pan? Thanks!

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          My knowledge of grinding corned beef hash ingredients is strictly limited to seeing it on an episode of DDD!!!

          I would like to try it, however! I have usually done chopped CB in my hash.

          They ground the beef and potatoes, but I don't remember what else they put in.

          I would probaby do a small dice on the potato rather than grinding it. I think at home you would end up with grey mush if you ground the potatoes.

          I like sweet onions in my hash and have been known to put red bell pepper in it as well.

          S&P, garlic optional, something spicy (such as cayenne or fresh hot peppers) optional....

          anyone else have any seasoning ideas?

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            That's what I was thinking originally too. Grind the beef, then add the diced potatoes and onions. I'll have to experiment with the "cut".

      2. I like discrete chunks of meat and 'tater mashed together, with a nice skillet crisp.

        1. I'm a Hand Chopped Fan for sure.

          1. I like both the rustic version and the soft version.

            1. I pulse in the food processor.

                  1. To make sure all bases are covered: you will be using cooked corned beef and boiled (or nuked or steamed) potatoes, not raw. Give the onions a head start in the pan before you add the meat and potato. My mom used to buy the canned corned beef but still put it through the grinder. I find that unnecessary and just take a potato masher to it as I am cooking the hash. But if you use a grinder, do the meat first and then the potatoes as the spuds will clean out some of the fat left in the grinder. I like to use a combination of canned corned beef and minced deli corned beef ends. I do like the softer texture of the canned but adding the ends balances out the amount of fat that the canned contains.

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                      Ah, you and wyogal are doing COOKED potatoes. I am usually a raw potato person when it comes to frying them. An experiement trying both ways might be in order! Hopefully my guests don't devour all 6 1/2 lbs of my brisket tomorrow....

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                        I use canned sliced white potatoes (without salt) and dice by hand. I find the slices are the exact thickness I want and not somethng I could accomplish easillly myself. I sautee a frozen bag of chopped onions, add potatoes, rough chopped corned beef ends and trimming, add white pepperm paprika and salt to taste, throw on the griddle until crispy.

                        Since the corned beef is alread cooked, I find that using raw potatoes makes no sense. The canned gives the same consistency

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                          I don't fry my potatoes separately. So, I use cooked potatoes, and grind with the corned beef and onion. It gets all combined that way, and just cook until it gets crispy. Sometimes I add some cream to it, helps get it browned and form a nice crust after all the moisture evaporates.

                      2. I like to rough grind the cooked corned beef, cooked potato, and raw yellow onion.
                        Then fry it up with vegetable oil and butter. Lots of pepper.

                        1. Chop it. I prefer cubes or chunks of corned beef in hash. I like a course texture of flavorful bits. Chopped with a knife meat is similar to course ground this Hubert Keller video shows 1:45 to 2:15 at: http://www.chow.com/videos/show/youre... also note at one minute into video how Chef Keller he talks about pan temperature which should be kept in mine browning hash.

                          Maybe top your hash with: 24oz sour cream, about five drops of liquid smoke, a bunch of fresh chives chopped fine, garnished with chopped chives. Be sure to get sour cream made only with cultured cream (inspect ingredients before buy, Daisy-brand is one of many). Nice as a dip or topping. Special with baked potatoes or potato skins. Often dip sliced veggies: celery, carrots, cucumbers, olives, mushrooms, and more. The liquid smoke makes it taste like bacon with the sour cream and chives without the bacon.

                          On hash I also like ketchup, steak sauce, and / or Thousand Island dressing. A favorite way to eat hash is: sunny-side-up egg(s) on top chopped up stirred in, whatever sauce(s), garnish, then eat.

                          TIP: If no corned beef is around, smoked fish and smoked meats are awesome in hash (and chowders).

                          Sour cream with fresh dill is also great on hash. Simple and tasty. Especially adds to smoked fish hash.

                          1. A lot of great commentary here. When I make hash I start with the (raw) potatoes and onions, then add the chunks of corned beef a bit later.

                            I want to at least try grinding the corned beef, I think, for nostalgic reasons. I sure loved that canned stuff as a kid, and the mushy insides and crispy outsides sound pretty good.

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                              I've never made hash from scratch. I have fond memories of my dad frying the canned stuff up in an old cast iron skillet. He'd finish it off with some runny eggs and a side order of homefries. MMMM!!!

                              My plan is to grind up most of the corned beef, leaving a little to cut into bigger chunks for some texture. Fine dice the raw potatoes, and mix both with some diced raw onions. Fry up til crispy. And top off with some runny eggs!!! I'll report back with my results....Please do the same.