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Mar 15, 2013 09:03 AM

Plumbing problem at Szechuan's Dumpling

FYI, went by yesterday and was disappointed to see restaurant closed with sign on the door indicating they were closed due to plumbing problem. Was hoping to go today but no answer on their telephone. If someone lives close by, please let us know when they re-open.

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  1. Thank you for saving me a possibly wasted trip - I was just on my way over there from Somerville.

    1. Plumbing problem? That's never something you want to hear about at a restaurant. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.

      1. Szechuan restaurants and plumbing problems seem to go hand-in-hand, though usually the plumbing problem doesn't show up till the next morning.

        1. still closed mid-day today

          1. Still closed as of 8pm-ish last night.