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Mar 15, 2013 08:31 AM

Dinner spots for the weekend - shellfish allergy

Figured I'd go to the collective for help-

Trying to figure out some good dinner spots for the weekend (Sat and Sun); two guys visiting for the weekend, one of which is allergic to shellfish; looking for something informal (i.e. no jackets), but still a sit-down sort of place, preferably close to the French Quarter or train-accessible; something a first-time visitor shouldn't miss, and any price point is fine. Lunch recs also welcome, thanks in advance!

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  1. You should be able to go to any place that looks good to you from all the previous threads on CH. The shell-fish allergy should not be a problem. My nephew has the same allergy and has been eating in N.O. restaurants frequently for 20 years with no problem.

    The better restaurants cue the FOTH on ingredients so you can always ask the wait staff for guidance on allergies.

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      <<The better restaurants cue the FOTH on ingredients so you can always ask the wait staff for guidance on allergies.>>

      That has been my experience too. We always point out the bi-valve allergy, and even at the highest-end restaurants, with the chef's tastings, they have always accommodated my wife gladly. Not one has ever complained, nor failed to have a "safe" dish, just for her.

      Even at restaurants, that know us well, I still mention that allergy, to keep things simple, and give the chef time to do something, just for her.


    2. We like G W Fins, in the FQ. Wife also is allergic to bi-valves (though she grew up in New Orleans, eating oysters and scallops - go figure). It has never been an issue. When making reservations, DO point out those issues, just in case something might be used in a broth, or in tiny portions, beyond the main protein.

      Fins is nice, sit-down, but casual. I am often the ONLY patron with a blazer, when dining there. I also like that they do mostly (not 100%) local seafood, with mostly (again not 100%) local recipes, the food has always been very enjoyable.

      I would get reservations (remember to tell them of the shellfish allergies), as they tend to fill up pretty quickly.