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Surprise!!! Best dish so far after 2 weeks of eating in HK is French!!

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In a Chinese food Mecca city such as Hong Kong, one would expect after two weeks of serious eating, the candidate for best tasting dish must be Chinese?!!

However, to my surprise, after tonight's dinner at On-Lot-10, the title has to go to their 'Bouillabaisse' kicked up a few notches with the addition of whole Flower Crab, Clams, Mentis Prawns, shrimps...etc!! The fish component, comprising of Conger Eel, St Pierre, Snapper...combined with the additional shell fish component, saffron, artichokes...etc created a formitable tasting broth that was so complex, intense and flavourful, I was hoping my camera has a 'taste and smell' record mode!!!

The other part of the meal, including a great tasting and interesting textural interplay dish - 'Crispy Tete de Veau', simple but delicious Lyonnaise Salad and a buttery crust Tarte de Poire, rounded up a most enjoyable dinner!!

If one is suffering from 'Chinese Food Fatigue' and wanted something different, I urge you to give Chef Lai of On-Lot-10 a call and request this Seafood dish in advance. Arrive, sit back and prepare to be 'Wowed'!!

Lastly, if the sole criteria for awarding a star, according to Michelin is based on food only. Then I cannot understand why an outfit like Ho Hung Kee gets one but not On-Lot-10??!!

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  1. Looks awesome!

    Maybe your tastebuds were yearning for a break from all those Cantonese stuff, Charles ;-)

    1. I probably had my worst French meal in HK at this place. Terribly disappointed after all the recommendations, it was so bad I almost shudder when ever I walk past the place. But maybe, just maybe it was an off night and I need to go back.

      And that may be the clue as to why Michelin doesn't rate it: inconsistency. Or is it only good food if you know the chef and can ring him up.....

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        Interesting?!!! May be the chef was away or on holiday?
        Yesterday night, the restaurant was packed both in and out. At least half the patrons were Caucasians. From the positive comments I overheard, the food must be good!
        As for the Bouillabaisse, it's an advance order dish, so I guess one needs to call ahead whether knowing the chef or not?! In fact, two other tables I saw were having it?