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Mar 15, 2013 08:11 AM

Broastyy Fried Chicken

BlogTo is reporting that Broastyy Fried Chicken is now open in Bloordale. Does anyone know anything about this place? Is it akin to a Popeye's or KFC, or is it an actual restaurant?

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  1. I just went on yelp and this is what I found:

    So, I guess it is a Popeye's/KFC-type place. Has anyone tried the chicken?

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    1. re: kwass

      I have had broasted at a church fund raiser. They hired a cook with a broaster in a trailer and he was able to put out 50 pieces of fried chicken every 20 minutes. It was good as a commercial product, but I still like my pan fried southern style better. Broasted claims to have marinated flavors and more moisture, less grease, but I like southern fried from a cast iron pan for the individual care each piece gets.

      1. re: kwass

        Yeah... DOES NOT look promising...

        1. re: mnajji

          Didn't look particularly promising to me either. But I should reserve judgement until I heard from those who have tried it.

          1. re: kwass

            fwiw, when i lived in cairo i ate broasted food a couple of times. . .not sure what the attraction was. i would choose popeye's over broasted chicken about 99 times out of a hundred.

            but definitely, if you try it, let us know. . .

      2. I saw today that there's one opening on Bloor just west of Runnymede as well (where Mr. Sub used to be).

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        1. Is this place actually doing licensed Broasted Chicken?? If so, I've had it and it's really good.

          If they're just pressure frying then it can be great. It can be lousy.

          Keep in mind the Colonel pressure fries his chicken.


          And yes, JT, pan fried is better.

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