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Mar 15, 2013 07:55 AM

Sushi Masaru- New Sushi Star in NYC!!

Just back from SUSHI MASARU after having their incredible 10 course Omakase dinner last night. Before you start, former Bond St. chef Henry asks you what you like and don't like....and then the fun begins. From an opening dish of fresh clams and oysters (a dozen for two of us), through incredible courses such as fresh scallop sashimi, and clam soup, this dinner was of superb quality and an incredible value. Other courses included Foie Gras with Orange, Monkfish Liver (the best I've ever had), a giant sashimi platter, and then a giant sushi platter. There were two types of toro served and many other surprises brought out to us by the head chef Henry.

In a city of a million sushi bars, Sushi Masaru is a standout- The fish is FRESH as could be, their attitude is one of caring and wanting to please their guests, and finally, their prices are friendly.

We left dinner after this two and a half hour feast, and truthfully, I can't wait to go back to try some more of this restaurants incredible menu. GREAT JOB!!

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  1. Thank you. I notice you have never posted on other sushi spots in the city. (Or any non-sushi spot either, for that matter.) For comparison purposes, may I ask which you also like/dislike?

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    1. re: thegforceny

      Are you sure I've never posted before? might want to check that again!

      1. re: sockster

        You have posted many times before on many different boards,all over the world. thegforceny was mistaken it seems.
        I was never a fan of the sushi at Bond St. but if you rave about it so much, how can I resist trying Masaru. I will report back

        1. re: sockster

          Reviews of "other sushi spots in the city"

          Did not see one.

          And I saw a few comments on threads regarding "any non-sushi spot " in the city.

          Helps me to put an isolated review in context if I know the OP's tastes in other sushi or NYC dining options I may have enjoyed. That's all.

        1. re: Lau

          I'd been to Bond Street only once a while ago and wasn't that impressed quite frankly. It was expensive and OK....I just thought last night was as great experience....both foodwise and vibe wise.... It wasn't a Jiro (or even a Yasuda) type experience, but it was excellent and fun nontheless.

          1. re: sockster

            ok bc bond st is very mediocre

            so you think that yasuda is better than this place, so it sounds like you think its a tasty 2nd tier place below the top places in NY?

            1. re: Lau

              Listen, all i'm saying is I had a fabulous dinner here...Yasuda is a pure sushi experience...which is different then that omakase we had here...but again, this night was terrific

              1. re: sockster

                not knocking you at all, just trying to get a sense for what kind of place on a relative basis this is b/c your review was so glowing like should i expect yasuda / 15 east / kuruma kind of thing or something else? that's all i was getting at

                always happy to hear about a new good sushi spot

                1. re: Lau

                  Sometimes when you least expect something...great things happen. Too often though, the experience is disappointing. So it's nice to report when a basically unknown place does something wonderful and special....and unexpected!

                  1. re: sockster

                    absolutely, ill def give it a try

                    1. re: Lau

                      It's good and much better than you would expect but it's not Yasuda or 15 East.