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Mar 15, 2013 07:45 AM

my follow up on the kosher restaurant world/ why grill point restored my faith

I've been getting a lot of slack off board from friends who are telling me that my complaint is comparing apples to oranges, that it's not fair to mention service at gotham burger in the same breath as service in citron and rose when they are totally different classes of restaurants

initially i wondered if there was someting to that

then last night, i left to late to stop in nnj on the way home, and ended up at grill point

ive been going to grill point for years and have always loved it, which is why its my default, though there are now other places open late in queens, but i havent been in a while, maybe since the summer

last night i went in with a list of sandwiches and requests, each more annoying than the previous

first- not one mistake- that in itself is a miracle worthy of another nissan chag

second- at the end of preparing a long order, the guy preparing added, without my remembering to request, a bunch of little containers of amba, and fries on the side for each sandwich- when i asked what the extra bag was- HE APOLOGIZED and then said, "oh im sorry thats what you used to ask for, i thought youd want it now" of course i quickly thanked him and added that his memory was obviously better than mine, though i hadnt been there in months

oh, and of course, the sandwiches were all perfect and oh how i missed their fries!

grill point is the epitome of not fancy- and to me, very much a comparison that would make sense in my previous tirade

thank you grill point for reminding me how much i missed you

iy is of course, not fancy or creative, but you dont go there looking for fancy or creative

and with that in mind- i promised to give another chance to pardes after pesach- keeping my fingers crossed on a better experience

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  1. Glad to hear your faith is restored -

    Really what you experienced is what happens in the non-kosher world - some restaurants are bad whether it is the service or food and some are really good - the major difference between the kosher and non-kosher consumer is the kosher consumer can be more tolerant (as I have seen here in Chicago) saying we need to support the place - so a restaurant that is not good will last longer than those in the non-kosher worls -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      yes, i know there are issues in the non-kosher world as well

      but- like you said- were tolerant, bc we want to support our places and our people, and then we suffer for our support :-)

    2. Grill Point provides consistently fast and polite service and the food is always fresh and good. Love Grill Point.