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Mar 15, 2013 07:16 AM

Smoked ham question

We've just gotten a delivery of a whole pig from our local farm, and I'm confused about how to cook/prepare the smoked hams. Are they considered cooked after they've been smoked? Or do I proceed as if they were fresh? Thanks!

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  1. Not sure about your particular ham, did you ask the local farmer? I'm sure they could answer your question.

    1. I'm confused---if it is a whole pig, they couldn't have smoked just the ham if the legs are still attached. If the pig is cut up and the hams were cured and smoked separately, then they are ready to eat. Assuming the local farmer knows how to this properly---curing and smoking pork is a fine art that not every farmer knows. Are they USDA inspected and licensed? If not, I would be wary.

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        (I think the OP meant they got all of the pig, not just a quarter or half, and that it is indeed cut up)

      2. Smoked = cooked and ready to eat. Yum.

        1. Seriously, I think a simple phone call to the farmer would be more efficient.

          1. Hold on folks. Smoked ≠ cooked. No way. Especially if it comes directly off the kill. Smoked + cooked = cooked.

            Perhaps it was cooked, but I doubt it. As others advise, ask the farmer or whoever butchered the beast for you.

            If it is indeed uncooked and off the farm then you have a treasure. There is nothing like a slice off the ham out of the pot on a slice of crusty rye. And the stock along with the bone is a starting point for great soups.