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Mar 15, 2013 04:00 AM

Mini-Avocado? What exactly is it?

Shopping today I saw "mini avocados" advertised for the first time. They were definitely avocados but more in the size of a date than a normal avocado.

Is there anything of interest with a mini avocado? Is it just a genetically modified curiosity? Is there any worth in trying them?

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  1. maybe just another variety just like the Hass or the Fuerte ?

    It can be fun to use as a finger food container :
    (for example)
    Prepare a shrimp and avocado salad and in empty half shell, put some of the salad and people can eat them out of the shell.


    1. Is it a seedless avocado? They had a brief vogue in the 70s.

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        No clue if it has a seed or not. Just that they were quite small. They're being sold at a place where items in general are rather pricey and they were being sold in a container - so it wasn't possible to try one. So I just left with a question.

      2. all modern agricultural crops have been genetically-modified in some way. for flavor, yield, better suitability for different climates, greater sturdiness for shipping, size, etc. man has been making veggie and grain hybrids since he started farming. that doesn't make them the same as the monsanto-monster food that is now round-up ready or sterile.