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Cooking Lamb Shawarma in advance?

Spanny Mar 15, 2013 01:23 AM

Hi there,

I'm cooking for a party next week and am doing 2 legs of lamb shawarma from Ottolenghi's Jerusalem book with different salads and breads. They take 4.5 hours to cook and I'm starting to panic about having my oven almost full for the whole afternoon when I'll be needing to cook/reheat other things. Do you think I could roast them the day before and reheat them on the day? Also the lamb is fairly lean and I'm worried it could be tough - will 4.5 hours on a low heat be slow enough to compensate for this? And could reheating it make it tougher?

I've seen a few roast lamb recipes with footnotes suggesting cooking in advance and reheating but noone had commented about trying it.

  1. hotoynoodle Mar 15, 2013 07:24 AM


    this link suggests the meat can be held in a warming tray for commercial service, so i don't see why a careful reheat wouldn't work.

    lamb is inherently fatty, so i'm not sure how lean yours can be?

    1. f
      fourunder Mar 15, 2013 05:42 PM

      It's far easier to hold a roast....than to reheat it completely over again. Essentially, you are doubling the amount of time required to do the task once.

      Are you cooking boneless lamb that has been layered, or not, or a whole leg of lamb?

      I would simply roast the lamb in the morning, hold for a couple of hours while you finish preparing the other menu items. When those items are completed you can rehaeat your lamb.

      My basic method/recipe for leg of lamb calls for 3-5-4.5 hours @ 225*, followed by a two hour resting period.

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