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Mar 15, 2013 01:20 AM

Highland Kitchen 5pm today,Friday: Pre-Loud?

so many CHs love this place (though i have a hunch most are 20-30)
that i feel we should give it a second shot. wicked loud though. Do you think 5pm Fri would get us some quieter time there? (i did not say quiet!)

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  1. It is a very popular spot with people with children. It may be quieter at 5, but it will fill up soon afterward with families and Friday after workers. The bonus In going at 5p is that you likely would be able to get seats at the bar, which I much prefer to the dining room.

    I'm well past the age group you referenced, but still enjoy and endorse HK very much.

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    1. re: Gabatta

      wow, g, you're not kidding! Fri night is Kids' night at HK! we arrived 5:30; abot 1/2 full already and the tykes kept pouring in. we snagged a great table in a nook around the corner from the entrance. perfect as a quieter spot.
      Food was really good. The andouille and red pepper hushpuppies were stellar; could not have been better. Stuffed portobellos w/ balsamic glaze were bland for me, but My Love liked em.

      We both had Specials: Grilled Lamb skewer w/ feta sauce, watercress, and farro salad. Beautiful lamb, nice heat to the harissa coating. Farro very bland( they need to take a workshop w/ the Oleana chefs.) My Love completely scarfed his cajun bluefish plate.(Is it just me or is it surprising to find a lamb kabob plate for $28 in a place as, ahemmm, casual as this?)

      Alw happy to see Iggy's table bread. Reds by the glass were o.k. Retro desserts of no appeal to me. Really great vibes from all the waitstaff; a laid back happy atmosphere.Look forw to going back, so thx for your help.

      1. re: opinionatedchef

        i withdraw my $ comment; my lamb entree was not $28; it was $24. sorry.

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          EVERY night is kids' night at HK, before 6pm. Glad you enjoyed the meal - the specials are where it's at for me, especially when not winter and seasonal veggies start getting worked in more.

      2. It won't be loud when you arrive, but it does tend to fill up early.

        1. I'm over 20 and go frequently, the chow is excellent. I especially like to sit at the bar.

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          1. re: treb

            I go to HK alot, but I've never sat at the bar before. What am I missing? I'd be worried I'd keep getting elbowed from the standing bar patrons.

            1. re: ChocolateMilkshake

              I just like the busyness and action at the bar, lots of fun.

              1. re: treb

                Maybe you can give more detail? I've always thought busyness was a reason to avoid - but I'm (we're?) open to new ideas! Meeting new people? Scene-ness?

                1. re: enhF94

                  I believe that bartenders are some of the best waitstaff/servers, I find them very attentive wanting to make sure everything is fine and very thorough.

          2. What is this place like on a Sunday at 7? Going there with a 1 year old after doing some sightseeing.

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              1. re: LeoLioness

                Sunday at 7 might not be too bad. I think you'll have a better shot at that time on Sunday than most other days.

              2. re: petuniafromhell

                This Sunday is the pats game at night. Not sure which direction it'd affect the crowd but there will be an effect

                1. re: jgg13

                  Judging by past experience it means that the bar, which also doubles as the waiting area, will be fairly crowded in advance of the 8p game time. It may not be too long as some of the early birds will be turning over, but there will be a wait for a table at 7p on Sunday.

                  1. re: jgg13

                    Sunday is crazy day at HK. Hopping from brunch to closing.

                    1. re: Small Plates

                      I find that HK is pretty much always hopping - its just degrees of hopping-ness :)

                  2. re: petuniafromhell

                    First, I'd check to see if there's a game on, it could get busy and active. Second; a 1yr old at 7pm, just say'n, maybe a bit earlier may work.