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May 28, 2006 11:23 PM

the tofu houses of convoy...point me to the best (SD)

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i stepped into the convoy tofu looked the most appealing.

which is the best and what do you reccomend?tia

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  1. I like Convoy Tofu House a lot. The kalbi is very tasty.

    1. the 2 tofu houses we've been to are Convoy Tofu House, next to O'Brien's and Balboa Tofu House, on Convoy but south of Balboa. Both are good. Convoy has a larger selection of soon tofu in addition to bi bim bap. I think Balboa's tofu broth has more flavor than Convoy. Balboa also has nyung mung, which I really like (and Convoy doesn't have). My SO likes Convoy better because they make it really spicy for him. panchan at both are about average.

      1. good tofu on Convoy does not exist... sorry to say they're all pertty mediocre