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Freewheel brewery, RWC

bbulkow Mar 14, 2013 11:35 PM

New brewery in RWC, marsh rd & Florence

There's a little somewhat nondescript shopping center just off the freeway in RWC. There's something called "Key Market" (antiquated grocery store), a monster starbucks, a chinese place I haven't tried, and a very decent taqueria (Los Gallos). The shopping center has been revitalizing over the last few years, and on a random walk for food I noticed they have a new brewery.

The interior is a little sterile, but nice enough. There's some food - housemade brats and such. More interestingly, since I wandered in at 10 and the kitchen was closed, they said I could get something from Los Gallos next door and bring it in. Paydirt - on a whim I got a Fish Super that was leaky but tasty.

On to the beer. I wish I could have liked the beers more. The best was a British style lager, very nice head, wonderful smooth creamy Guinness feel - but on a lager. They were out of the IPA, the stout was nothing special.

They do brew on premises, and each beer was true to style, but other than that one british style beer, nothing was exceptional.

$8 gets you all 5 of their taps, which is worth a try if you're in the area. Frankly, I'd rather hit Cafe Barrone and get a Laguintas, but it's good to support the local craftfolk.

  1. Melanie Wong Mar 15, 2013 01:12 AM

    Good on you for giving it a try.

    The Chinese place is Yat Sing . . . you've been warned,

    I've not been by Marsh Manor shopping center since the spruce-up.

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