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Mar 14, 2013 09:50 PM

Kauai Poipu Beach Breakfast options

I've found a few good discussions regarding Poipu Beach eating options in general, but my question is specifically regarding breakfast.

I will be in Kauai, at Sheraton Poipu Beach during April 1st week. We would like to find good options nearby for breakfast primarily, that are reasonably priced (in that neighborhood, "reasonable" can take a different meaning so if you know, please share price ranges as well). We are primarily a vegetarian family (we have kids with us), would love to sample fresh fruit and/or typical breakfast items like pancakes, waffles, eggs etc.

Also, are buffets only available at resort restaurants or are they available outside anywhere as well? For meals there are good places like Keogi's, Plantation and Ron's (?) but do they also serve breakfast?

In any restaurants, is it possible to purchase a breakfast option whereby for a fixed amount you can purchase a certain number of breakfasts?
(Like prepaid breakfast).

So far I've found:
- Sheraton's own RumFire breakfast buffet at $25 per person, kids eat free. Reviews range from bad to good. ($50.00 per day).
- Ilima Terrace at Hyatt: $35.00 per person, $16.00 for kids. Reviews are great. I wonder if it's because nobody wants to believe that for that price food can be bad or ok. ($86.00 per day)
- Kukui'lua website has a couple restaurants listed, with prices like $16.00 for one pancake. Is this for real? Are they topped with gold? :-)
(I guess, no telling exact price since it depends on what/where you eat).

Overall, does it get better than this or this is life at Kauai for a tourist?

Thanks in advance for pointers.

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  1. Stayed at the Grand Hyatt and room included breakfast at the terrace and it was course has breakfast too.
    Love Red Salt for b/l/d..drinks in bar.
    Keoki's Paradise has great happy hour..huge chicken veggie stir fry to split and hula pie for table.
    Hamura Saimin is one of my fave dives for early lunch..lilloki pie and Saimin..sublime.
    Hawaii is expensive...Costco you can load up and they have the food court for pizza, dogs, $ for gas prices.
    Duke's & Gaylord for mai tais.


    1. Let me add Tip Top and Dani's in Lihue as a very "local" breakfast. Tip Top is famous for their pancakes. I need to emphasize "very local" in that it is very no frills, but always an island favorite.

      1. Joe's on the Green is in the poipu shopping center and is reasonable. Kalaheo Cafe in Kalaheo is about 15 mins away and is reasonable but gets very crowded. A bit further out is Grinds Cafe in Eleele. I think that the Poipu Bay Clubhouse (or whatever they call it during the day- its Yum Cha at night) serves a less expensive alternative to Illima Terrace. The other less expensive options are in Lihue, as already mentioned.

        Most resorts do have plated options and not just buffet. But typically they aren't all that cheap either. I would say maybe go out a few times and the other days pick up some fruit at one of the sunshine markets and maybe some yogurt and Anahola granola and make a meal out of that. Most restaurants- especially for buffets- import their food from all over the place. Sunshine markets offer locally grown food,

        1. I don't know if the Sheraton Poipu has a club floor, but a room with club privileges is usually a good deal for a family of four since breakfasts and afternoon snacks are included.

          1. Aloha,
            I have also found as a Starwood member that if breakfast isn't included, when checking in at the Front Desk, ask for a free breakfast for your stay..its worked for me most of the time..not all the time but it doesn't hurt to ask.

            There was a couple of great breakfast spots that our friends loved in Lihue and Kapaa but sorry don't recall the names.

            Wish Hamura Saimin's had a breakfast menu.

            I'll be there for a couple of weeks in September and tho' we get the free fab buffet at the Grand Hyatt/St. Regis, we'll explore the local resto's.

            Wabi is a local..jealous. ; )