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Mar 14, 2013 09:05 PM

Chen Yang Li Nashua NH closed?

Driving by this afternoon about 2:00 pm I noticed that there was not one car in that whole parking lot, and also noticed a big sign taped on the door, or so it appeared.
It just all seemed odd, maybe it was closed for maintenance, or just a very slow day.
Anyone heard anything ? That location has seen many restaurants come and gon

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  1. They had to move. Someone bought that plaza and kicked everyone out. I don't think they have a new spot yet though :(

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    1. re: SuperGrover

      Thanks, usually there are at least a few cars there, and I haven't driven by that way in a while.

      Will be interesting where Chen decides to reopen, maybe MB
      will let them open in the old Walgreens/Fashion Bug space, but that will need a whole lot of renovation. The new MB isn't due to open until late June early July, or so the staff has heard.

      1. re: SuperGrover

        I heard it is reopening in the old Blockbuster space in Somerset plaza

        1. re: baqq76a

          Yup, going in a few doors down from Applebee' to Family Pet.

          1. re: baqq76a

            Where is Somerset Plaza? (I'm in MA and only come to Nashua every few months to shop.)

            1. re: greygarious

              Rt 101A westbound , exit 7 off Rt 3. Less than a mile down on the right.

              1. re: Msample

                Oh, so not far from the old locationl. Thanks!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. The new location looks like they're getting pretty close to opening. At least I hope so.

            1. Just passed by yesterday and they are OPEN!

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              1. re: SuperGrover

                Yup - the signs were up that they were opening up on the 15th when I drove by last week. Anyone try it yet?

              2. Horrible! Terrible service we went today at 3:39 only one other table seated and we waited for our drinks food and the waitress interrupted us asking us to hand her plates while we were eating. I had to get my own water twice my own plates and the manager just gave us an ughh when I asked where our waitress ( If you would even consider her one) our lettuce for the chicken psoong $10.95 was drenched in water I had to pay dry them on the tablecloth because she didn't give us plates and the serving was very stingy and no sauce I ordered sushi to go with our three appetizers. She forgot to place it so I cancelled it but she blamed the sushi maker instead of saying sorry for not putting in the order. She had no knowledge of anything on the menu and stuck her fingers in our food while serving rather than getting a serving spoon we will never go back. Poor service drinks and food all around.

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                1. re: 1973redsox

                  I have a difficult time keeping the story straight as to which Chen Yang Li is operated by whom.

                  Is the Nashua location the rogue "Chen Yang Li" which is not related to Bedford and Concord? I recall a story that there was some discord and a rift in some branch of the family - that the original operators of Bedford, (and then Concord?) could not stop for some legal reason, someone else from using the name in Nashua.

                  This has been my understanding for years.... that Nashua is not connected by ownership/management to Bedford (which is excellent) and Concord. But I don't claim to have to whole story or all the facts.

                  We need a Chen Yang Li local historian and authority to chime in.

                  1. re: Dave B

                    It is true that the Nashua location never appeared on the CYL website, just Bedford and Bow (it's not in Concord).

                    FWIW, I notice that 1973redsox's pan of the new incarnation is his/her first and only CH post. I tend to reserve judgment with such scenarios, be they rants or raves.