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Mar 14, 2013 08:43 PM

What Are You Enjoying From President's Choice Blue Menu (or Organics) Products ?

Thought maybe I'd start a new thread (akin the Trader Joe's thread) just for the PC brand.

PC's Blue Menu is ever-expanding and coming out with healthy, interesting and *good-tasting* products. Last week I bought a bag each, of cannelllini beans chips and hemp with flax seed chips ....... super good !

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  1. frozen greek yoghurt smoothie bars! and the peanut sauce.

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    1. re: amelieducroix

      The smoothie bars sound good :-)

      Peanut sauce .... Memories of Thailand ? There's two versions I think, a regular and a hotter one. I really like both but lean towards the regular one.

    2. I pick up the BM Italian Meatballs pretty regularly - with a good marina, it makes for a speedy weeknight dinner of pasta and meatballs. Good flavour and texture (for what it is)

      1. the individual serving size blue menu meals (frozen) when on sale are a great deal - kind of expensive otherwise. Butter chicken, mac-chse, some other flavours - can't remember right now

        and just like our fav T-Joe - the PC people seem to discontinue the best things way too soon!

        ps - this is not blue menu but still pc - the organic popcorn snack (cheese, already poppped) is addictive --- what else would it be?! I have bought and used as back-up the PC frozen yorkshire puddings.

        the pc breads - there are some blue menu ones - reheated - not bad for thin slider buns etc.

        on a thumbs down note - the PC blue menu creamy salad dressings (recently on sale) are awful - my SO likes creamy dressings - and these are just not worth even the sale price.

        1. CHocolate fudge crackle ice cream allowed to soften at room temp for awhile and chicken meat balls often on sale for a quick dinner

          1. oh yes, agree with that ice cream recommendation

            we tried the blue menu VEG lasagne (frozen product at the store - then i microwaved - big chow sin but who cares at 8pm after work)

            i'd not turn it down in a weak moment - could be doctored up - decent texture to the pasta - add more cheese if you want more sodium