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What Are You Enjoying From President's Choice Blue Menu (or Organics) Products ?

Thought maybe I'd start a new thread (akin the Trader Joe's thread) just for the PC brand.

PC's Blue Menu is ever-expanding and coming out with healthy, interesting and *good-tasting* products. Last week I bought a bag each, of cannelllini beans chips and hemp with flax seed chips ....... super good !


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  1. frozen greek yoghurt smoothie bars! and the peanut sauce.

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      The smoothie bars sound good :-)

      Peanut sauce .... Memories of Thailand ? There's two versions I think, a regular and a hotter one. I really like both but lean towards the regular one.

    2. I pick up the BM Italian Meatballs pretty regularly - with a good marina, it makes for a speedy weeknight dinner of pasta and meatballs. Good flavour and texture (for what it is)

      1. the individual serving size blue menu meals (frozen) when on sale are a great deal - kind of expensive otherwise. Butter chicken, mac-chse, some other flavours - can't remember right now

        and just like our fav T-Joe - the PC people seem to discontinue the best things way too soon!

        ps - this is not blue menu but still pc - the organic popcorn snack (cheese, already poppped) is addictive --- what else would it be?! I have bought and used as back-up the PC frozen yorkshire puddings.

        the pc breads - there are some blue menu ones - reheated - not bad for thin slider buns etc.

        on a thumbs down note - the PC blue menu creamy salad dressings (recently on sale) are awful - my SO likes creamy dressings - and these are just not worth even the sale price.

        1. CHocolate fudge crackle ice cream allowed to soften at room temp for awhile and chicken meat balls often on sale for a quick dinner

          1. oh yes, agree with that ice cream recommendation

            we tried the blue menu VEG lasagne (frozen product at the store - then i microwaved - big chow sin but who cares at 8pm after work)

            i'd not turn it down in a weak moment - could be doctored up - decent texture to the pasta - add more cheese if you want more sodium

            1. further to previous post/s - and maybe this might help the Freybe bacon poster (re closing) - we are happy with certain aspects (wish it was happy pigs spca and all) of the pc less salt bacon - sorry, i don't have the sku here - it's 50 percent less salt bacon - tastes ideally salty to us - so if the doctor orders ...

              here is the freybe post about no more bacon source for one of this board's posters

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                  hi LR - sorry for delay in reply - I will look at the SKU next time at store - it is a pork bacon product i believe - it is not specifically blue menu - it is simply Pres Choice - low (or half) salt

                  is that what you're asking?

                  1. re: Georgia Strait

                    Yeah thanks GS, I was just wondering what the meat of that bacon is. I eat all meats so it doesn't matter.

              1. Sparkling Fruit Juice Beverages. Fun flavours, and I like the smaller can size. The fruit punch flavour makes me want animal crackers and PB&J sandwiches.

                1. Got a box of Blue Menu "Vegetarian Breaded Chicken Strips" (soy), 900g box of at least 36 pieces (each about two thumbs combined-size), for around $9 IIRC. Kiddo loves it. Last week he and his two playdate friends had 'em for dinner ..... never suspected for a second they weren't real chicken fingers :-D

                  Here it is in case anyone's interested:


                  1. I was loving the Blue Menu lower-fat cheeses, BUT the idiots have discontinued them now as of June 2013. I'm really annoyed; I mean, thanks for Canada's great (NOT) dairy laws, it's not as though you can simply buy another competing lower-fat cheese, they were the only game in town as far as I ever found out for lower-fat cheeses. I am truly annoyed at the Blue Menu line. The Blue Menu Dill Pickles are soggy and have a too strong cinnamon taste, why didn't they discontinue those? Blech.

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                      Update: the Blue Menu lower-fat cheeses are being brought back as members of the No Name line (as per info on PC facebook page). The reincarnation of the lower-fat mozarella as a yellow label no name product has now happened already.

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                        Is it cheaper as NNB than before as BM ?

                        1. re: LotusRapper

                          Don't know yet haven't had occasion to go to the store yet and get the prices on the no name versions, sorry.

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                        I quite liked the blue menu cheddar smokies. From what I got in a recent purchase - nothing like what they used to be. New source maybe.

                        Was looking for these as pictured - loose in a bag

                        New ones are in two tightly packaged halves - 5 per half. They used to have a respectable juiciness and flavour for lower fat ones, now were dry and like a hotdog than a smokie.

                      2. I have tried a couple of products lately cuz - in the midst of fruit season - have not had time to make own jam - so - bought two

                        (in addition to summerland sweets "seconds" - LR you know about that place i assume? (up at the factory in Summerland - labels crooked, etc - slightly cheaper for a lot of sugar - not sure about the controversial sweeteners or if any local contents these days - you'd have to read labels - and that applies to the two items below, too.)

                        BLACK menu (the foodie ads) - the sour cherry jam - pretty good for store jam - could be used on toast, scones, desserts like cheesecake or ice cream - i'd buy it again. Approx 6 dollars for a jar.

                        BLUE menu "twice the fruit" - "berries of the woods" (odd name?) berry jam - same as shown on side of the big freight trucks!

                        --- according to the labelling, it has half the calories (of what?) - and yes, it tastes good. As you would expect, it is a looser jam with a tart note - and is not as dense as a hi sugar product. The berry jam tastes quite a bit like currants - so i'd use it also for some sort of glaze on meat or in a "navarin of lamb" recipe - 1980's recipe from the famous books Silver Palate in NYC

                        black jam 50 cal vs blue jam 25 cal according to their own labels - i'd get blue jam again.

                        BTW - i have seen recent adverts for the black spaghetti from PC "Black" label - thought it would be perfect for our kids' hallowe'en with something like red cherry tomatoes for a pleasantly horrifying supper (i'd even add green grapes maybe?) - but can't find it in our PC store here in BC. Hear that PC people? - same story last year - the store i go to said that the shipments end up in SK or something and we don't get them in BC (except for aforementioned cherry jam above) - well darn, cuz i really wanted to try some of them.

                        1. Blue Menu chicken meat balls -- yes, I did stand there and compare the regular PC (*angus / italian / sirloin) with the Blue Menu Italian (beef or pork i presume) vs my final choice - blue menu chicken

                          well, I don't think I'd be racing all over town to buy them - but they are not bad for far less sodium and fat than the usual variety.

                          I added them to some very quickly made tomato with white bean and vegetable (incl chard, kale etc) soup to make it enjoyable for the meat-n-taters crowd in our home.

                          (I should clarify that essentially the chicken meat balls became the "added sodium" to my soup - I used my own frozen tomatos and very low sodium veg stock)

                          gosh, maybe I am inspired to MAKE from scratch some turkey meatballs (I think our little supermarket has ground chicken, too) Afterall, I often make "chili" with ground turkey (in place of ground beef)

                          has anyone else found anything new in blue menu? (those who admit to handy, fast, canned, etc ; ).

                          1. i was in a Super Valu store the other day and I notice that the Blue Menu (less salt) canned diced tomatoes, canned mixed beans (not bean salad), and canned black beans are all on sale at a great price - can't recall the exact price - however maybe if you're near a Superstore / Extra / SV - these handy pantry items might be worth stocking up on - assuming the sale is across their various banners (store names) out west here.

                            I like the aforementioned Blue Menu canned items - handy and - the bonus - less salt. Amazing how much salt is added to conventional canned goods.

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                            1. re: Georgia Strait

                              As far as I've looked and know, only PC's BM offers a reduced-sodium ketchup, which we buy. It tastes as same as their reg ketchup, or Heinz's, as far as I can tell. But cheap compared to non-PC brands too.

                              1. re: LotusRapper

                                Lotus, when you write, "only PC's BM offers a reduced-sodium ketchup," did you mean in addition to the Heinz one, which is here?


                                1. re: RandalOulton

                                  I didn't know Heinz makes one, as I mentioned above. Thx for the tip.

                                  1. re: LotusRapper

                                    Interestingly, Heinz's version is lower in sodium but higher in sugar. Also, PC also lists a second blue menu "ketchup type sauce" sweetened with stevia extract but this may be of limited availability or discontinued.




                            2. I've enjoyed so many PC Blue products when I'm in Canada. Too bad I can't get them in the U.S. Thank goodness I do have TJ!

                              1. Not Blue Menu, but enjoying PC's froyo. Particularly the chocolate, and the caramel pecan crunch. Both of which fooled everyone (into thinking it's ice cream) I've served to so far.