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Mar 14, 2013 08:30 PM

KC-Favorite dive restaraunts

Looking for new "Dive" restaurants in KC Metro. What are your favorites? Will drive for good food. Thanks, D

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  1. Vietnam Cafe in the City Market area

    1. Awesome shwarma joint in a gas station on W. 75th in Waldo.

      1. swagger, papu's, grinders, bb's lawnside bbq, the peanut.

        1. Not sure how you are defining "dive". Just cheap and good, or does it have to have a certain character?

          Some of the places listed above are great -- some of my favorite food -- but I don't know that I'd call them "dives" in my vernacular.

          Swagger -- love them but it is a nice place with a fantastic beer and wine list
          Vietnam cafe -- again, love the food but I don't see it as a "dive". it has a standard restaurant decor and atmosphere to me.
          Grinders, BBs, Peanut -- totally agree with these
          Papu's -- new to me, but I guess that's the shwarma place that steveb mentioned

          If that's what a dive restaurant is, then I'll add a few:

          Giovanni's Italian in Gladstone
          Towfiq African in KCMO
          Mesob Pikliz Ethiopian and Haitian in KCMO
          El Pulgarcito Salvadoran in Merriam
          Birrieria Michoacan in KCKS
          Groove Station in KCMO
          RJ's Bob-B-Que in Mission
          Woodyard BBQ in KCKS
          El Camino Real in KCKS

          1. Is the City Diner still around in the City Market area? Great breakfasts.

            Out in Olathe there is Mom's and Old 56 Family Restaurant. Both are excellent dives.